Used Mobility scooters

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Buying used motobility scooters.

Always ask when new batteries were last fitted,they don't last forever, Do not buy if needs batteries unless you have checked price to replace.    'Some dealers will charge as much as 350 pounds to fit for 75 pound Battries plus call out fees beware.  Battries  are available on eBay from as little as 50 pounds but can be up to 200 plus.

Plastics are horrendously expensive if a scooter needs new plastics be prepared to live with it cosmetically.  Plastics can cost more than a used scooter with no damage.

Buying a faulty easy to fix? Scooter.  Again beware used controllers can cost in excess of 100 pounds a new one can be hundreds.

Cheap Chinese scooters are cheap for a reason although most scooters are made in China or the Far East try to stick with major manufacturers like Pride, Stirling, TGA Invacare,Kymco etc.   If cheap scooters go wrong the parts are sometimes not available and they are not worth fixing.    You are better buying a used quality scooter than buying a cheap new Chinese one.

I buy and sell scooters because I have disabled family and friends who use and need their scooters,  They have all had bad experiences with buying privately and been basically had over by unscrupulous dealers that care more about profit margin than the people who rely on these machines to lead a normal as possible life.

I hope you find this advise useful and wish you all the best.

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