Used Motorhome and Campervan Parts Buying Guide

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Used Motorhome and Campervan Parts Buying Guide

Travellers who love to spend time on the road and in their motorhome understand how important it is to keep theirs in tip-top shape. The more the motorhome is used, the more susceptible it is to general wear and tear. Campervans require regular maintenance and upgrades just like a regular home. New replacement parts can be expensive. Fortunately, retailers and other motorhome owners have used parts for sale, some in good condition, and at a fraction of the price.

There are a variety of appliances that can be upgraded and installed to improve the kitchen. Both the interior and exterior can be renovated with used parts. Becoming familiar with common motorhome repairs and improvements allows DIYers to know which parts are needed to complete their project. Buying used parts is an affordable way to repair and upgrade motorhomes and campervans. Parts can be found in local classifieds and online marketplaces such as eBay.

Appliances for Motorhomes and Campervans

Motorhome appliances come in an array of sizes and options. While some owners may only replace appliances when they break down, others can find a moderately priced used one in good condition. Used appliances can be bought from other motorhome owners or sold as refurbished by manufacturers. More efficient water heaters can reduce the length of time it takes to warm the water. If using a campervan in cold temperatures, heating the interior is a high priority. The sections below outline commonly replaced campervan appliances.


If upgrading kitchen appliances in the motorhome and looking for used parts, customers are encouraged to price new ones as well to determine if they are getting a good deal. Before beginning a new search for a refrigerator or any other kitchen appliance, shoppers must measure the area the new one must fit into. Used appliances should be checked to ensure they are compatible with old hook ups.

Space Heater

Heating the interior of the motorhome is a main priority for travellers who are out no matter what season. Selecting a used heating part involves knowing what type of system the campervan has. Gas heating is common, but some models use electric parts. There are also oil-burning space heaters that provide additional warmth.

Water Heater

Warm water is a luxury for motorhome travellers; therefore, water heating and plumbing systems and parts should be regularly maintained. Replacing a water heater part of system for a motorhome can be a tough job, even for some DIYers. Therefore, when selecting a part or new system, it is imperative to check if it is compatible with the rest of the set up. Used water heater part prices should be compared to new ones to see if buying new might be the better option.

Exterior Motorhome and Campervan Parts

The exterior of the motorhome can be modified to improve its look and function. Purchasing an awning is great way to increase floor space in a campervan. Exterior lights need to be regularly inspected to make sure bulbs are not burned out while on the road. Motorhome owners should protect their investment with an all-weather cover. The following information lists integral parts for enhancing the exterior of a campervan.


Motorhome awnings are a great aftermarket part to provide a protected area. A basic awning can provide shade and shelter from rain; an awning shade has attachable poles lock into place. More expensive models have offer full coverage, adding even more space to the campervan. Some are designed to be screened in porches, but others may prefer to convert it into another bedroom. All awnings should have good air circulation and be properly ventilated. Customers in the market for a used awning should measure their motorhome to determine what size can fit the side.


Motorhomes have the same legal obligations regarding exterior lighting when being driven down the road. They must have functioning headlights, taillights, and brake lights, like any other street legal vehicle. After many hours on the road, these bulbs short out. The simplest way to combat a burned-out light is to replace the bulb; however, some lights are more cost effective and energy efficient than others. The chart below outlines the differences among the four common bulbs used for motorhomes.




Inexpensive, filament using bulb phased out of industry due to brighter and longer lasting alternatives


Tungsten filament-based bulb; burns better than incandescent


Referred to as "xenon" lighting; bluish coloured lights are popular choice for headlights; more expensive and efficient than halogen


Most expensive option but outlasts any other type of bulb by years; does not produce high level of heat

LED bulbs may carry a high price tag; the long lifespan of the initial investment proves to be more cost effective in the long run. The exterior is not the only part of the campervan that requires lighting; shoppers should see the lighting discussion in the interior section to learn about the options available for inside.


Motorhomes are an expensive investment, so it is important to keep them protected when not in use. Since they are too big to fit in a garage, a cover can greatly reduce damage caused from exposure to the elements.

Buyers should a cover that is water resistant and offers UV protection. A well-designed cover is fitted along the bottom, and either elastic or cinch ties help secure the cover in place. A cover that is too small cannot fit the campervan; one too large can drag the ground and collect dirt and moisture. When purchasing a used cover, shoppers should have the length, width, and height of the motorhome with them to find an appropriately sized one.

Interior Motorhome and Campervan Parts

There are many interior accessories and parts available to decorate a motorhome. Furniture and cushions should be replaced after several season of use. Lighting fixtures used to rely only on fluorescent bulbs, but now there are other options available. In addition to making the interior more cosy, motorhome décor often has a functional purpose. The sections below outline the various interior parts motorhome owners can upgrade.

Furniture and Décor

The right furniture and decor in a motorhome can really add to the overall living space. While campervans are limited in space, there are always possibilities to upgrade the interior. Some furniture is bought to replace old, worn pieces. Owners should always make quality purchases when it comes to bedding and never sacrifice a good night sleep for cheaply made parts. Tables and seating are also common furniture upgrades. The easiest and often least expensive way to change the interior's look is to reupholster the furniture already in it. If the padding has been worn thin, it may be time to purchase new cushions or mattresses.

Drapes are another piece of decor that adds to a motorhome. Not only does it tie together the aesthetics, curtains offer the element of privacy. Moreover, drapes are often used to keep heat trapped within the motorhome. Windows are less insulated than the rest of the walls, and curtains provide a functional barrier.


Interior lighting for a campervan follow different rules from exterior lights. Whereas LED technology is growing in popularity in both markets, there is another type of light used inside only. Fluorescent bulbs and fixtures have been used for decades in motorhomes. They are inexpensive and easy to find. However, many motorhome owners are making the switch to LEDs; they appreciate the better lighting, and LED interior fixtures outlast fluorescent lights by years.

Buying Used Motorhome and Campervan Parts on eBay

eBay is a great place to look for used motorhome and campervan parts. Both retailers and individual sellers have an extensive collection to offer and at a fraction of the original price. Most shoppers have an idea of what type of part they are looking for; entering in a few keywords should help limit search results. Check out the search tips for even more help optimising your search.

Custom Sort Results

Once you have a sizable selection of motorhome parts to choose from, you can custom sort results by what matters most. If searching for used parts only, shoppers can arrange items by used condition first. If looking for a good deal, sort motorhome parts from lowest to highest first; eBay can factor in shipping for the absolute best price. One way to save on or eliminate shipping costs is to pick the item up in person; list results by distance from seller to see used campervan parts near you.


Finding used parts for motorhomes and campervans is easy as long as the buyer does his research up front. Buying used is a great way to annex new equipment, such as an awning or lighting systems, and improve the utility of the motorhomes. Shoppers should compare the prices of new parts with used ones to make sure they are getting a good deal. Many of these parts can be installed at home with a few tools; however, motorhome owners can always hire a professional to get the job done.

While some campervan parts only require a make and model to find the right piece, others require taking measurements for dimensions before looking for it. Appliances, such as refrigerators, stoves, and sinks, have specific size requirements. Hard surface furniture, such as tables and cabinets, can change the look of the interior. Cushions should be replaced when they start to lose their shape. Motorhome owners can shop for both universal and brand specific used parts on community message boards and online websites such as eBay.

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