Used Rear Light Assemblies Buying Guide

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Used Rear Light Assemblies Buying Guide

New automotive replacement parts can be expensive, and for those who do not want to spend much, the option of settling for used vehicle parts does exist. Very often, it is not a sound financial decision to be spending too much for new parts for a vehicle that may be three years old or more, unless of course it is a high-end vehicle. Even so, several auto parts are worthwhile to purchase even if they are in used condition.

Vehicle rear light assemblies are among those automotive parts that can be reused, and they are easily available in the market. However, while buying them, shoppers should exercise caution to ensure that the product they buy is worth the money and should last long enough, as well. Learning about rear light assemblies, what they are comprised of, how they can be connected or fitted, and the difference in price between a new and reused rear light assembly can help the shopper in making the right choice. eBay is an excellent place to look for quality, reusable car parts, as sellers on the website stock a vast variety of these products. The website also makes it safe and secure to engage in transactions with eBay sellers.

Rear Light Assemblies for Style and Safety

Whether for large, medium, or small vehicles, rear light assemblies are basically a safety feature, but are stylishly designed to make them attractive devices that are also expensive. One reason is that rear light assemblies look great when they light up, enhancing the style factor of the vehicle, making it look sleek and eye-catching. However the all-important reason is the functional value, which is also enhanced by a bright, large rear light assembly. When the rear lights flash brightly they effectively increase the visibility of the vehicle, warning vehicles behind them to stop or slow down in order to maintain safe distance. The turn signals are also conveyed by the rear lights, another reason why rear lights are creatively designed.

Functions of Rear Light Assembly Bulbs

The entire rear light assembly includes lights that function differently, and when a person buys an assembly, especially a used one, he must make sure that all the lights are functioning well. This is crucial as each light has an important role in ensuring the safety of the motorist. However, if any of the lamps or bulbs are not functional, it is possible to replace just those bulbs in the rear light assembly.

Brake light bulbs are red coloured, steady, bright lights that turn on when the driver applies the brakes on the vehicle. These lights alert the vehicles behind, so they slow down and stop as well.

Turning Lights or indicator light bulbs have white tail lens with amber-coloured bulbs that indicate the left or right turns the driver is contemplating ahead, down the road.

Reversing lights, also called backup lights, turn on when the driver is backing up. These lights have to emit white light white as per the norms.

Red coloured parking lights and amber hazard lights are used when a vehicle is parked or pulled up on the road. These lights warn other motorists of the presence of the vehicle on the side of the road.

Rear Light Assemblies and Components

A rear light assembly also goes by the name tail light assembly, and every vehicle, from bicycles and motorbikes to huge commercial trucks, has them. There are as many styles and designs of tail light fixtures as there are vehicle brands and models. The rear light assembly is, in a way, a signature style, especially for a particular brand and model of car, and several cars can easily be recognised by their rear lights. Until the mid 1970s and early 1980s, rear light assemblies had metal housing and after that, with the introduction of plastics, vehicles sported plastic rear lights, as these were a new fad and inexpensive as well.

Shoppers looking to buy used rear light assemblies can opt for either the metal or the plastic type, as each has its pros and cons. While the metallic rear light assemblies are heavier, expensive to buy, and difficult to maintain, they are definitely stronger and take impact much better than a plastic rear light assembly. Additionally, metal rear light assemblies need rubber gaskets to seal the assembly, and this is an added expense.

Plastic rear light assemblies can not even withstand low speed impact, but considering these lights are cheap, easy to install, and readily available in various shapes and sizes, shoppers find it economical to opt for them. Typically, a rear light assembly is made up of the reflector which is red coloured for rear lights, bulbs or lamps, and the cover called tail light lens.

While buying used rear light assemblies, it is imperative to look for those according to the make and model of the car so that they fit. Consulting the owner's manual is a wise thing to do, so that one can make a note of all the specifics before buying a used rear light assembly. Many rear light assemblies can be replaced from the trunk, hatch, or bed using wing nuts or hex nuts to fasten them.

Light Sources for Rear Light Assemblies

Regardless of metal housing or plastic tail light lenses, the lamps or bulbs used in the assemblies may be clear light bulbs or LED lights. The clear white bulbs for ordinary rear light assemblies were transformed into styling accessories when the same bulbs were used in Euro tail lights, also called Altezza tail lights. The Euro tail lights had two or three individual lamp units enclosed in a clear lens, to be used as a single unit.

Since the basic requirement of tail lights is that they should be clearly visible, as they need to indicate and convey what the driver intends to do, it is important for the clear bulbs to shine bright. Light-emitting diodes or LEDs are hugely popular, and for good reason. The chart below shows how the two types of bulbs compare.

Clear Incandescent Bulbs

LED Bulbs

Take longer to light up

Light up instantaneously, gaining crucial time for drivers following behind to react

May be damaged by rough rides

Insensitive to vibrations and rough rides

Need to be replaced, expenses add up over time

Long lasting, can outdo the life of the vehicle, making them cost effective

Bulb heats up after prolonged use

LEDs do not heat up

No methods to improve lighting to be advantageous to drivers

Better warning systems developed while braking hard, as the LEDs flash rapidly or become brighter

Shoppers buying used rear light assemblies should look for units that have LEDs for better economy. More importantly, opting for LEDs in the brake lights is a safety measure that can avert a mishap well in time, saving money and lives.

Buying Used Rear Light Assemblies on eBay

Purchasing used rear light assemblies is a good idea if it can be procured from reputable sellers. eBay is an online retailer that has thousands of Top-rated sellers offering used rear light assemblies. Used rear light assemblies are available on the website for a majority of car makes and models, just as thousands of new units are for those shoppers who do not settle for less. The prices of used units are affordable, and the quality can be judged by the shopper while browsing through the listings. Several images of each product are available on the listing pages. The zoom function can be used to enlarge the images, to study the product at close quarters. Shoppers can contact the seller to seek clarifications and answers to queries, using the seller's contact details provided on the page.

Shoppers are well advised to have the part number, model, and make of the vehicle at hand while browsing through the listings. Buying on eBay is an easy process, as details about the product, the seller, prices, postage, and shipping are clearly provided on each listing page. With several secure payment options provided by eBay, purchasing can be a pleasant experience for shoppers.


Rear light assemblies are crucial external lights for vehicles, though many people tend to be carried away by the various styles of light assemblies that can enhance the look of a vehicle's rear. Comprising of important bulbs that ensure the safety of passengers, rear light assemblies incorporate brake lights, reversing lights, parking and hazard lights, and turning lights.

Buying a used rear light assembly might be a good idea if the unit uses LED lights. Besides saving a neat amount that may otherwise be spent on a new set, the shopper also enjoys the benefits that LEDs provide. LED bulbs are long lasting, and they light up instantly, saving crucial seconds that can make a huge difference between safety and a mishap.

Online stores such as eBay sell used rear light assemblies in good condition. With thousands of sellers from several different locations selling products on eBay, shoppers can expect to find several used rear light assemblies in good condition and at affordable prices.

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