Used Wheel Buying Guide for Ride-On Mowers

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Used Wheel Buying Guide for Ride-On Mowers

A lawnmower is a must for any homeowner. Individuals who own homes on a large parcel of land or those who operate small farms may find that a ride-on mower is more convenient than a push style mower, simply due to the amount of grass that needs to be mowed. Since ride-on lawnmowers are fairly expensive, homeowners should treat them as an investment and take proper care of them so that they serve to maintain and protect the lawn for years to come.

Because ride-on lawnmowers utilise internal combustion engines, an integral part of caring for these mowers is performing routine maintenance, which includes changing the engine oil and replacing the oil filter, replacing the petrol filter, and replacing the spark plugs as needed. Additionally, the cutting blades need to be cleaned and sharpened regularly, and eventually replaced when they become dull. Ride-on lawnmower tyres should also be checked for proper pressure on a regular basis and replaced when they are worn out. Ride-on mower owners who are looking to save a little money on their mower maintenance should consider used tyres and wheels when shopping for replacement parts.

Brief History of the Ride-On Mower

Edwin Beard Budding patented the first manual lawnmower in England in 1830. Users of this early prototype pushed the mower in front of them, causing the gears to turn and the cutting cylinder to revolve and trim the grass. Used primarily by groundskeepers on sports fields and gardens, the lawnmower replaced the scythe, which was highly inefficient and time consuming. The first ride-on mower was introduced about a decade after the lawnmower was first patented. The person operating this mower sat on the mower, which was pulled by one or more horses.

In 1893, James Sumner was the first individual to patent a lawnmower that used steam power. Although these models were incredibly heavy and took a couple of hours to warm up before using, they were an improvement over the manual mowers, especially for those mowing large expanses of grass. It wasn’t until 1921 that the first mower with an internal combustion engine was introduced, allowing people to mow lawns using petrol instead of steam. The introduction of the petrol-powered lawnmower paved the way for ride-on mowers that did not need to be pulled by animals.

Lawnmower manufacturers are continually improving upon their designs, adding more power, making mowers more petrol efficient, and creating new features that make using a ride-on mower easier and more efficient.

Types of Ride-On Mowers

There are several varieties of ride-on mowers, some of which are better suited to certain tasks than others. Before purchasing a ride-on mower, homeowners should understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type of ride-on mower so they understand which model best suits their needs.

Rear-Engine Ride-On Mower

Ride-on mowers with rear engines are the most common type available for home use. The rider sits atop the motor, and the rotary blade or cylinder is located in the front of the mower. The design of these mowers provide a tighter turning radius, and as a result they are easier to manoeuvre. These mowers also have a low centre of gravity so they are less likely to tip over, especially when mowing on a hill or incline. In terms of applications, these types of mowers are ideal for lawns with decorative edgings or fences. However, rear-engine ride-on mowers top out at about eight kilometres per hour and do not have enough power to pull any other equipment. Therefore, their sole purpose is trimming grass.

Zero Turn Ride-On Mowers

Zero Turn mowers can turn 180 degrees, which means the rider can manoeuvre these mowers in a complete circle, something that is not possible with a rear-engine ride-on. Because of their manoeuvrability, these mowers are ideal for lawns or other grassy areas that have many obstacles. In addition, Zero Turn mowers can achieve speeds of nearly 13 kilometres per hour, which means a users can have a freshly mowed lawn in less time. Although, the tyres on these mowers do not provide good traction, so they may not perform well on inclines.

Garden Tractors

Garden tractors are popular among individuals who have large yards or farmland. Garden tractors are smaller than real tractors, but have enough power to perform a variety of tasks around the homestead or farm. In addition to mowing lawns, garden tractors can tow a variety of accessories, transforming them from mere lawnmowers to true multi-taskers. The engine of a garden tractor is located in the front, and this design frees up the back for towing attachments, such as aerators, tillers, carts, and rakes. These mowers are not as manoeuvrable as Zero Turn and rear-engine models, nor do they move as quickly; however, their versatility makes up for these shortcomings.

Stand-On Mowers

Although these models are not as popular with consumers yet, many commercial lawn services have started switching to these models. The rider stands at the back of these mowers, and the engine is mounted on a deck in front of the rider. These mowers offer improved manoeuvrability and are safer than other ride-on mowers when mowing on an incline. The rider can use his or her weight to counterbalance the mower if it is in danger of tipping. If the mower begins to tilt to one side, the rider can simply step off the mower rather than falling with it.

Ride-On Mower Wheels

Most ride-on mowers use pneumatic tyres, which are tyres with a cushion of air between the wheel and the rubber tyre itself. Since ride-on mowers lack suspension systems, these tyres provide some extra cushioning against uneven surfaces. Pneumatic tyres are similar to automobile tyres except that they require an inner tube that holds the air inside. Owners will need to add air to these tyres at regular intervals to keep them at their optimum inflation level. If a pneumatic tyre were to become punctured, it is possible to repair the tyre using Fix-A-Flat or some other type of tyre repair kit.

Replacing Ride-On Mower Wheels

When it’s time to replace the wheels or tyres on a ride-on mower, the most important factor buyers need to consider is tyre size. Not all ride-on mowers use the same tyres and many ride-ons have different size tyres on the front and the rear. In addition to ensuring they’re buying the right size tyres, prospective buyers may want to consider purchasing tyres with additional traction if they are frequently mowing on an incline or on wet grass. Tyres with increased traction control will help prevent the mower from slipping and may extend the life of the tyres as well. Ride-on mower owners should keep in mind that if they wish to switch out tyres for a different type of tread, they must switch out both tyres on either side of the vehicle.

Inspecting Ride-On Mower Wheels

Before making a purchase decision, buyers should inspect all of the tyres as well as the wheels to assess any damage. Similar to an automobile tyre, the mower tyre is mounted onto a wheelbase, which is then affixed to the mower. If the wheel is beginning display rust or show other signs of wear and tear, it may be prudent to replace both the tyre and the wheel. It is possible to purchase these two parts separately, but if both need to be replaced, buyers may get a better price by buying both pieces together.

Another way to save a little bit of money on ride-on mower replacement parts, such as tyres and wheels, is to look for used parts. Individuals who have mowers that no longer work or who have replaced their tyres recently may be willing to part with the extras for a cheap price, and buyers should definitely explore this budget friendly option.

Shopping for Used Ride-On Mower Wheels

Because ride-on mower wheels and tyres are not sought after items, buyers may have some trouble locating used wheels in the local newspaper classified section. Buyers should turn to the Internet to find used wheels or tyres for their ride-on mowers, because even including postage and handling, these wheels are usually less expensive than purchasing wheels brand new. Although it might be tempting for shoppers to conduct a basic Internet search to see where used tyres are available, buyers should not forget to check out eBay to find the used wheels they need for their mower.

eBay offers thousands of listings by a variety of sellers around the world, which gives buyers more options when shopping for used ride-on mower wheels and tyres. Before making a purchasing decision, prospective buyers may want to check out a few comparable listings to confirm they are getting the best deal.

Buying Used Ride-On Mower Wheels on eBay

If you’re ready to check out the listings for wheels that are currently available on eBay, type “ride-on mower wheels&” in the search box on the homepage. If you are shopping specifically for tyres, you may want to type “ride-on mower tyres&” into the search box instead to get the listings for tyres.

Before making a purchasing decision, prospective buyers should confirm the size of the tyres being sold as well as the amount of tyres the seller has available. Although this may be unimportant for those looking for only one replacement tyre or wheel, those who want more than one may prefer to purchase them all from the same seller. Prospective buyers will also want to determine the seller’s return policy in the event the wheels or tyres are the wrong size or are not as described.


A ride-on mower is a must-have for anyone with an acre or more of land, or those who own small farms that do not warrant the need for full-scale farm equipment. And while purchasing a quality product is the first step, knowing how to maintain ride-on mowers is a must for owners that want to get the most out of their purchase. Ride-on mowers are quite expensive, especially compared to push style mowers, and consumers are going to want to protect their investment so they can use the mower for many years to come.

Ride-on mower owners should not shy away from buying used parts, in particular wheels and tyres. While the relatively scarcity of these products on the market can make the process frustrating, owners that conduct proper research and inspect the products thoroughly can ensure that the wheels and other parts are in good working order. Buying used parts for a ride-on mower can help the owner to maintain the mower properly without spending a fortune. However, buyers must make sure to buy parts from reliable sellers, and those using eBay can identify top rated sellers, confirm return options, and shop with confidence.

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