Used vs. New Audi Buying Guide

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Used vs. New Audi Buying Guide

Audi is a German company that designs, engineers, and manufactures quality automobiles. The name "Audi" is a derivation of the founder's name, August Horsch. Audi's headquarters are located in Ingolstadt, Germany. Although originally founded in 1909, the Volkswagen Group launched the Audi in 1965. The Audi symbol is four intertwined rings and the slogan for the company is "advancement through technology". Audi is one of the "German Big 3" automobile manufacturers, alongside BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Audi offers a line of luxury cars, sports cars, SUVs, and racing cars. Almost all Audi models are designated by letters and numbers.

Both new and used Audis are available for purchase at Audi dealerships, used car dealerships, and online at websites like eBay. Both new and used Audis are found covering the model range currently offered by Audi. Likewise, used cars are also found covering most of the discontinued model range. A consumer should consider the benefits of purchasing a new Audi, as well as the benefits of purchasing a used Audi before making the final decision.

Types of Audi Models

There are different Audis available for purchase based on the production time period since Audi's relaunch in 1965. While most models feature the basic technology behind Audi, each type of Audi covers a specific type of vehicle.

Current Models

The following chart looks at the Audi models available for purchase since 2012. A consumer can find these models new or used. Additionally, a consumer should have no trouble finding all of these models for purchase in their desired condition.

Audi Model

Type of Vehicle




Small Family Car


Compact Executive Car Sedan


Compact Executive Car Coupe


Executive Car Sedan


Executive Car Sportback


Full-size Luxury Car


Compact Crossover SUV


Compact Crossover SUV


Full-size Crossover SUV


Compact Sports Car


Super Car


High Performance Racing Sports Car

Each of these models come in a number of variations, depending on individual preference. Further, each of these models is currently being manufactured by Audi.

Discontinued Models

The following chart lays out the Audi models that were produced between 1964 and 2010 and are now discontinued. While Audi no longer manufactures these models, they are still available on the used vehicle market in various conditions.

Audi Model

Type of Vehicle

Years Produced


Compact Executive Car



Compact Executive Car



Compact Executive Car



Mid-size Executive Car






Mid-Size Executive Car





Sport Quattro







Full-size Luxury Car



Sports Coupe



Compact Executive Car


RS2 Avant

Sports Coupe






Compact Executive Sports Car



Mid-size Luxury Sports Car


While consumers might not find these Audi models at new car dealerships, interested buyers can likely find most or all of these models on the used car market or from classic automobile dealers.

Benefits of Purchasing a New Audi

Before making a decision between a used and new Audi, a consumer should consider the advantages of each. There are several benefits of purchasing a new Audi over a used Audi including, condition, technology, and freedom of choice.


When a consumer purchases a new Audi, they know exactly what the condition of the vehicle is at the time of purchase. In other words, a buyer knows at the outset what value they are getting for their money. Purchasing a new Audi, as opposed to a used Audi, allows a buyer to start fresh with a vehicle right off the production line, with little to no kilometres on the vehicle. For some consumers, the feeling of owning an Audi that no one has owned before is worth buying new instead used all by itself. Further, purchasing an Audi model that is popular or in high demand, may get a buyer a stronger resale value if and when they decide to sell their vehicle.


Another advantage of buying a new Audi over a used Audi is that the consumer has access to the latest and greatest technology. This means that a buyer gets Audi's latest innovations in safety, entertainment, and design. Audi's latest models offer LED lights, satellite navigation systems, fuel stratified injection engines, and the newest space frame design, among other features. Older used Audi models may be lacking some or all of Audi's latest technology features.

Freedom of Choice

When consumers purchase new Audi vehicles, they also get the advantage of customising the vehicle to their liking. This includes standard choices like colour, upholstery, and audio systems, as well as special-order vehicles with even more upgrades and options. New Audi buyers have the freedom to choose every detail of their vehicle to the extent that the dealer or seller can deliver.

Benefits of Purchasing a Used Audi

There are also a host of benefits that stem from purchasing a used Audi instead of a new Audi. These benefits include affordability, selection, and depreciation.


One of the biggest reasons consumers choose used Audi vehicles is that the used models are often more affordable than their newer counterparts. Today, the price gap between new and used vehicles continues to widen. For many consumers, this brings a luxury vehicle, like those made by Audi, into a buyer's price range. Typically, the older and more kilometres an Audi has on it, the cheaper the vehicle is to the buyer. Additionally, for buyers who have the wherewithal to do major or routine maintenance repairs, Audi's with specific issues or accident history bring down the sticker price even more.

Vehicle Selection

While new Audi vehicles give consumers freedom of choice on the details of a specific, currently-manufactured Audi model, used Audi vehicles give buyers the largest vehicle selection generally. Typically, new Audi vehicles are only available in the current line of models manufactured by Audi. On the other hand, consumers have access to a range of Audi models that are currently manufactured, as well as those that are discontinued. Therefore, for buyers interested in a used Audi, there are many more models to choose from than those currently coming off the production line. This may help a consumer find a type of vehicle that perfectly fits their needs.


Finally, consumers who choose to purchase used Audi vehicles avoid the depreciation factor. New cars drop in value immediately after they leave the dealership. On mainstream vehicles, like an Audi, a new model loses its value up to 30 per cent in the first two years. This means that a consumer loses money down the road when they try to resell the vehicle, in comparison to what they paid for the car. On the other hand, buyers of used Audi vehicles can likely recover much closer to the price they paid for the vehicle in the long run. However, this is subject to how well a consumer maintains the Audi over the course of its operation.

How to Purchase an Audi on eBay

When looking at both the used and new car market combined, there is quite a range of different Audi models available. Regardless of what category of Audi you find yourself in, eBay has a range of different vehicles to fit your new or used needs. Perhaps you have been sold on the benefits of a used Audi but do not want to sacrifice too much of the latest technology. This might lead to you find interest in the Audi RS6. To see what options eBay has available to match this car model, simply type Audi RS6 into the keyword search box located on any eBay web page. Available options from a range of sellers of the Audi RS6 are then populated for you to view. This method can be used for any Audi model that eBay has available for purchase.

Whether you decide on a new or used Audi, investing money into a luxury vehicle is a big deal. As such, it is important that you find a reputable and reliable seller to make your purchase from. To help with this, eBay has a Top-rated seller feature to identify those sellers that deliver consistently, provide adequate product descriptions, and charge fair postage. By purchasing your Audi on eBay from a Top-rated seller, you can rest assured that you are entering into a trusted transaction.


There are benefits to buying both a new Audi and a used Audi. A lot of these benefits depend on what an individual prefers when shopping for a vehicle, and what factors are important to them. For consumers that like complete control over their purchase with no variable left untouched, a new Audi vehicle might be the right choice. On the other hand, for a buyer who is looking to bring a luxury vehicle into their budget with little concern over specific features, a used Audi might be a good decision.

Audi has been manufacturing vehicles since the beginning of the 20th century. Further, it is one of the most popular German-manufactured cars in the world. As such, Audi has been responsible for creating many different models of vehicles over the years from compact executive cars to superminis. Regardless of whether a buyer is in the market for a new or used Audi, there is likely a model to fit the needs and desires of any individual.

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