Uses for plastic food containers

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Plastic food containers

Plastic containers for storing food have been around for years.  They became extremely popular when tupperware  started doing the rounds.  This was much to the relief of many mothers who needed storage for  food which was perhaps perishable and needed to be refrigerated but came without resealable packaging.

The varying size and shapes of the containers means they can have many uses outside the kitchen as well as in it.  Some of the uses i have found for them are listed below:
  • Bowls for pets to eat and drink out of
  • Plant pots (these need holes in the bottom for drainage and can be painted to mske them more decorative).
  • Bowls for party foods to be placed.
  • If you have containers of varying sizes children can use them as stacking cups. 
  • Children's paint pots
  • Storing children's toys
  • Drawer dividers ( if used without lids)
  • Larger containers can be used to collect rain water for plants
  • Place a slot in lid and fix the lid on the container with sticky tape and it makes a great money box (again this is great for kids to decorate )
  • Small containers can be used for storing buttons, pins, needles and spools for sewing machines. 
As you can see there are lots of uses, some that can even encourage the creativity of children.
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