Using Paypal - the legalised robbers!

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I recently had the misfortune of thinking I'd save myself and my buyers some money by sending my kiddies' old toys via courier instead of the Royal Mail! What an expensive mistake that has turned out to be!

Read my other guide for how USELESS the courier company are - - avoid!

To compound my agony, it now turns out that the complaints filed against me by my buyers for non-receipt of their goods have been upheld by Paypal, who have stolen the money from my account to refund these buyers!

Now, let me explain...

I purchased the initial courier service through Paypal. I then discovered that Paypal doesn't provide Buyer Protection Cover for services - is this because they know the service providers who use Paypal are not reliable??

Then, when the courier company failed to deliver the items as labelled, the buyers contacted me. I in turn contacted Paypal only to discover that they wash their hands of these cowboys, despite taking a hefty fee for the privilege of making the payments via their transfer service.

When the courier themselves fail to accept that they have employed illiterate drivers, 2 of my buyers escalte their disputes to a claim, as anyone would (a third doesn't. I assume she must have felt the obvious - that I was not to blame!). In the meantime, I have tried my utmost to get the courier to re-collect the parcels and redisribute them correctly, as they were paid to do. They again refuse, and I contact Trading Standards.

However, before trading Standards have responded, Paypal take it upon themselves to issue a full refund to my buyers. They steal the balance from my account without my say-so & restrict any further activity on my account, insisting that I authorise a full refund. I obviously cannot do this for a problem that was not of my making.

To summarise, Paypal take a big fee from me when my buyer sends the payment, including the cost of P&P. They then take a fee again, when I pay the courier. The courier fails to deliver and Paypal take a fee AGAIN from the refund amount I am forced to issue.

Did I make a mistake when I chose my career? Internet money transfer services seem to be a much more lucrative option. They appear to steal more than your average other lagalised robber - lawyers! - and with no regulatory body, they have no-one to fear!

I will never use Paypal again!

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