Using Plastic Chocolate Moulds

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Plastic chocolate moulds are very easy to use. Always start by washing your mould in warm, soapy water. Dry completely and do not touch the inside of the cavities with your fingers - the greese can repel chocolate. Never put the mould in the dishwasher, or the oven.

Melt your chocolate either in the microwave, or as I prefer, in a bowl over a saucepan of hot water on the hob. Do not boil the chocolate, it just needs to be warm and free flowing. You can use most shop bought chocolate, but I find the best results are achieved using confectioners chocolate, such as the Wilton Candy melts. Hotel Chocolat also sell a wonderful chocolate specifically for cooking/ melting. A quality chocolate will reset after it has been melted and still have a glossy finish, rather than a 'white bloom' that cheaper chocolate gets.

Spoon the chocolate into each cavity. (Plastic squeeze bottles can be used at this stage). Tap the mould on the work surface to level the chocolate and to release any trapped air bubbles. If you are using a lolly mould, put the stick into the recess and roll to cover in chocolate. This gives it a good, firm hold when the chocolate has set.

Put the mould into the fridge for 10 - 15 minutes making sure it is flat. I put mine in the freezer for 5 mins, which is all it takes to set the chocolate in a small cavity. If you use the freezer, don't leave them in too long.

Take the mould out, turn over and release the shapes carefully onto a clean T towel, so they don't chip or break. Lollies can be eased out using the stick.

Detail can then be painted onto the shape using a contrast colour of melted chocolate and a small, clean paintbrush. Experiment with different colours, and flavours, of chocolate. Children love making chocolates from moulds, and as long as an adult melts the chocolate for them, they are quite safe to use.

There are many different moulds covering all themes and holidays! Chocolate shapes are also a great way of decorating a special cake, cupcakes, wedding favours, baby shower, birthdays etc. There are also alphabet and number moulds to personalise your baking.


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