Using T shirt transfer paper for white / light fabrics

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T shirt transfer Paper


Using T-shirt transfer paper to print your own designs on to tshirts, baseball caps, mousepads, polo shirts etc couldn't be easier, all you need is a little imagination, some tshirt transfer paper and following the instructions below you can make your own printed tshirts, great for hen and stag nights, club outings and team tours! 100% cotton based t shirts and textiles give the best results for transferring.


What you need

T-shirt transfer paper, an inkjet printer, an iron and a flat, hard and smooth surface to iron on. A sheet of standard white copier paper and a suitable item to transfer onto, such as a white or pastel coloured T-shirt, baseball cap, boxer shorts, cloth covered mousepad, cotton napkins, handkerchiefs, etc.


Store the transfer paper in it's original packaging, in a cool dry place.
Only print onto the unprinted, coated side of the transfer film. Select the "mirror image" mode on your printer.
Use single sheet feed only.
Printer settings: Transfer Paper Mode, if available or Normal Paper, using Best Quality.
If the colour bleeds reduce the ink level accordingly (10-15%)
Before transferring leave the image to dry for approx. 5 mins. Cut out your motif, leaving as narrow a border as possible, 1-3mm around the edge.

Tip: First print the desired motif onto a standard inkjet paper to check that the size and colour are correct and that the motif has been printed in reverse for right reading after transfer.


Prepare a stable, heat resistant surface suitable for ironing on.
Preheat the iron to the highest setting (Takes around 5-10 mins). Recommended iron temperature 210c (410F),
Do NOT use a travel iron
Briefly iron the fabric to ensure that it is completely smooth, then place the transfer film onto the required area with the printed image facing downwards.
Do NOT use the steam function
Make sure that the heat is evenly transferred across the entire area.
Iron the transfer film applying as much pressure as possible.
When moving the iron LESS pressure should be used.
Don't forget the corners and edges!
In order to achieve a MATT finish remove the release paper while it is still HOT. Peel away from the fabric starting in one corner in a smooth even movement.
For a GLOSSY finish allow the transfer to cool then peel off the release paper in a smooth even movement, starting in one corner.


The fixing process removes an surplus ink from the transfer and gives the transfer a fabric like texture.
Matt Finish: Allow the transfer to cool, then cover with a sheet of standard white copy paper and press once again with the iron fro 5-10 seconds. Immediately remove the paper whilst it is still hot.
Glossy Finish: As above except use grease proof paper instead of copier paper and only remove when Cold.
Mousepads: Finishing only possible with greaseproof paper.


Wash the garment / fabric before first use.
Wait 24 hours before washing for the first time (transfer drying time)
Fabrics bearing transfer are machine washable upto 40C (check your fabric or garment is washable upto this temperature!). Always wash garments inside out.
Do not use bleach or agressive washing detergents.
Do not tumble dry.
Avoid ironing directly over the transferred motif. Cover first with white copier paper, a sheet of greaseproof paper or iron on the reverse side.

Tip: you can brighten the colours by repeating the fixing process


The instructions above are for The Papermill t shirt transfer paper for white and light colour textiles, other manufacturers papers may require different techniques.

T-shirt transfer paper is also available for black and dark fabrics, please visit our shop for details.

I hope this guide helps you to create your own fantastic T-shirt designs! If you have any question or would like some more advice please contact me at The Papermill


Best wishes,


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