Using printable DVD media

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There are a number of different DVD media available that now offer a white or silver printable surface allowing you to print directly to the top of the DVD with Your own design or logo.

The 2 main popular types of printable dvd are Full face Printable, and Printable dvd.

The difference between the 2 types are.

Full Face printable discs allow you to print right up to the centre stacking ring, these are also known as NSR, or non stacking ring discs.

The standard printable disc usually allow you to print up to the clear centre ring, leaving the centre ring unprinted.

Printable dvd's can be purchased as either single layer or Dual layer dvd. Printable Cd's are also available.

Most printers that have the ability to print onto a disc, come with a tray that inserts into your printer, and firmly holds the disc in place ready for printing. You will often find that these printers also supply software to design and print your disc.

One of the most popular, but older model of printers for this purpose is the Epson R300 series.

An extremely popular brand of disc is the traxdata full face printable dvd-r  Traxdata

You can find more information on these printable dvd at our eBay  Shop

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