Using stamps on packages / parcels / envelopes .

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There are a whole pile of people who collect stamps and postal history and the one thing which drives them all insane are the amount of people who just stick on the common, boring Queen's head stamps 1st and 2nd class  (in the UK) and equivalent elsewhere, on envelopes, packages and parcels. Some even just go the Post Office and get them to put 'sticky labels' on what is being posted, and that is worse.

Help make your parcels and packages stand out from the crowd by using a variety of stamps - and even obscure ones - on the packages you send. At they very least when the stamps end up as charity kiloware for sale you will help earn money for the charity. At the very most you will make someone very happy. How do you get these stamps? Queue up once at the Post Office and ask to have a look at what stamps are for sale. You will find that they have a pile, more than the boring Queen's head stamps. Buy these non QE2 stamps. New stamps come out each month. (But do get a few low value QE 2 (1 pence / 2 pence, 5 pence stamps to help make-up the value of the postage needed.)  Then make sure you get hold of the pamphlet which tells you how much postage is in the UK and around the world. And then you are right to post interesting mail.

I always use 'obscure' stamps when packaging my material and people really like it, but then I buy and sell in the stamp section but it does hold true in all selling areas!  You can not tell what happens to your envelopes and parcels after you post them so use real (not the Queen's head stamp) stamps. The person you are posting to may collect philately or postal history and so will remember you with kindness. If not, there is a good chance that the interesting stamps will go to a charity and so a charity will gain.
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