V Festival Tickets - Buying on Ebay

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Just a word of warning.......................

Be very careful when buying tickets over Ebay very early before the tickets for a gig are to be released (i.e. posted out)

I was very diappointed a couple of years ago when I didn't manage to buy tickets through the official sellars and resorted to  buying them through ebay. I won the an auction late in March (the V-festival takes place in August) and the sellar was very good at keeping me updated and sending me details of their reference number etc, however about a month before the festival the seller cut all contact, I contacted ebay and they gave me the sellers contact details - which ended up being not where the seller lived or the seller's correct phone number. When I approached ebay about it they said they could do nothing as the listing was over 60 days ago and therefore I was no longer covered by their policy.......

Luckily I managed to win some other tickets from another ebay seller that were sucessfully delivered on time and I had a fantastic time at the festival , unfortunately I never got the money back for the first set of tickets that never arrived.............................. Just be careful and don't let this kind of thing put a downer on your fun!!!
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