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We are power steering specialists for over 31 yrs now !

The movano power steering pump is one of our most highest sales pump due to the high demand & also because they are common for failing prematurely from the production line to the road lifetime of the vehicle.

The reason is quite simple, the manufacurer has built the pump out of aluminium and a steel back pressure plate along with a steel surclip ring to hold it all together.

Hence a chemical reaction takes place when rain water begins to corrode these two metals/alloys together. then after so many yrs a firing takes place that pushes the steel surclip ring out and away from the the aluminium cast outer case of the pump.

In turn the pressure plate explodes away from the push & smashes/or burns up all the internal workings of the pump.

This deems the pump scrap !

Also another common fault is: The fan belt SNAPS & traps behind the main pulley, then it burns out the front seal which is made of plastic/nylon ! Then it looses al pressure & leaks power steering fluid from the front.

When replaced with one of our remanufactured units ( you MUST always always replace with a new fan belt ) regardless if it has snapped or not.

The reason for this is because 90% of Movanos have a black plastic or bakelite pulley which is attached to the pump by x3 10mm bolts onto a three prong flange hub.

And sometimes they splinter around the side ( so run your finger lightley around the side of the pulley or inspect by view if this is the case, then you will need a new replacement pulley.

The main dealers DO NOT supply the pump with the pulley neither does any motorfactor or spares shop. So we dont either ( this is the norm ).

But you can purchase a replacement from us which we have had redeveloped & made out of aluminium ( which again is far superior than plastic ).Ours costs less than half the price of a main dealer.

At acs we completley change all the internal vain set for brandnew and shot blast the pump, then we put it on a functional test bench.

This simulates the pump actually being on the vehicle, testing from lock to lock and taking the pump to an higher pressure than manufacturers specifications to ensure a much longet aftersales life expectancy.

Along with our 12 mths warranty.

Before we go please be aware that there are x 3 variant types of pumps for this vehicle and if you where to call our sales team they can easily assist you to purchasing the correct pump for your vehicle first time.


 Just have your vehicle reg available at hand and we will also ask you a few simple questions about the vehicle i.e does it have aircon etc.

Thankyou for your time reading our basic guide, but if you need more detailed advise please dont essitate to call us.

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