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Do your wipers not park correctly when turned off, do the wipers stop mid screen on intermittent wipe setting, if so read on.

During my time repairing electrical parts on vehicles, I have noticed quite a large number of Astra Mk4s with faulty wipers, faulty as in they do not park correctly and stop mid screen on intermittent wipe.  A large number of these faults I have found to be caused by the contacts inside the motor wearing away or breaking.  On these vehicles the intermittent timing is controlled by a multi-timer unit and the parking is largely controlled by contacts inside the motor.  The relay that is used is a simple switch relay and by itself is not responsible for the timing of the wipers.

It is worth noting that this fault is a potential MOT failure.

If your vehicle suffers from the above fault, 9 times out of 10 it will be the motor.

Before purchasing a new motor, if you are handy at DIY, they are usually repairable.  Before attempting repair you will need some small screws, or rivets.

1.  You can drill out the rivets holding the top panel in place (this is the panel that has two wires connecting through it), you can also lever around the panel until the rivet heads detach.

2  Once removed you will see two contacts on the rear of the panel you have just removed and the chances are you will see that at least one if not both contacts are worn down or are missing contacts at their ends.

3  As long as they are not seriously worn,  you can bend the contacts downward to ensure contact is made with the copper lines on the back of the toothed wheel.

4.  Once the above step has been carried out, you can either rivet the panel or using small screws (make sure the screws are slightly larger than the holes so they will create their own thread when tightened), screw back into place.

PLEASE NOTE : This is not guaranteed as a permanent repair, however in many cases as long as the contacts were not too worn in the first place, the repair should last.

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