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Versace and Rosenthal :

The medusa range is the first in the Versace Rosenthal series.  It is still in production (correct as of December 2006), although some of the items are being discontinued.  The mini coffee pot, fruit saucer, mini candle holder, and small covered box are no longer in production.

These really are georgous items, they contain real gold leaf, balanced predominantly with regal red.  Finished with a medusa gorgon in the centre, though not on all items.  Some have two cherubs and a dog out hunting merged into the decoration.

If you are thinking of purchasing these items please take note of the following, the advice is given in concern to the amount of fakes currently for sale on the open market. 

Watch out for the following initially :

1.  Versace Rosenthal Medusa does not produce a sugar bowl with a big medusa head in the centre and gold wings either side, any of this type is fake.

2. The height of any salt and pepper shaker should be 10.5 centimetres, watch out for items that look fat and stubby, they shall be counterfeit.

3. Lids that appear to not fit onto the sugar bowls.

4. Handle on the Tea Pot, Coffee Pot.  Looks too large, out of place with the item.

5. Hallmark stamp, the only letters in capitols should be VERSACE, no items should say ITALY in capitals. 

6. Beware of the item description/title.  "VERSACE DESIGN MEDUSA PLATE" does not mean its a Versace plate, it just means it has the design of a Versace medusa.  VERSACE ROSENTHAL MEDUSA means the real item.   Also, "VERSACE" plate (deliberately missing the word STYLE) is a way to deceive a buyer, the speech marks mean its not real.  He might have a "David Bowie" haircut, or she may do a "Biance" walk, all are mimics.

7. People posting a picture of Rosenthal Pottery onto their advertisement directly from a catalogue or brochure, and not showing the real item.  An advertiser should show you the base mark of any item, it is best to see it.  Look at the back ground, has the room changed?  Is the item suddenly in a nice garden in the next picture ?  Nice fake item, but picture of the base is from a book!

I strongly suggest that anyone starting a collection whom is not buying from a VERSACE outlet, or licensed pottery shop firstly gets hold of some brochures, or "Do not Disturb" book by Gianni Versace.  These contain pictures of real items, and prime examples.  A good reference point before buying.

Furthermore, even though these items are still in production, the boxes have changed.  Originally, they were in a leather look, cardboard black box with gold greek key edging, and a Golden Medusa head stamped into the centre.  They have now changed to smooth dark blue or black with a medusa (or half medusa head) stamped into the box in the same colour.

A lot of the originals dont come with certificates, its something that was introduced later on.

I hope you have found this information useful.  See also VERSACE RARE POTTERY GUIDE. 






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