VICARAGE MOTOR COMPANY T/A Longford Park Cars barbercar

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Plain and simple, do not under any circumstances buy a car from these people. the cars they sell are dangerous and faulty. i know from experience as i fell for it and it as cost me hundreds of pounds also has risked my families safety. They have changed their eBay name for the 3rd time, it is now barbercars, nothing has changed, same people in charge same problems. Originally Longford park cars, changed to pxswaps then Alfie's motors. Search these names, all same place. 

don't fall for the honest car trader lies, i have been contacted from 46 people each with their own stories of buying faulty cars and problems getting their money back,the problem beeing not geeting a penny of it. my car has cost nearly £2000 to put write, in the intrests of fairness i'm sure not all the cars they sell are faulty but i have had 45 negative stories, some truely shocking in their neglagence and i have only recieved one positive email. now i wouldn't bet on those odds, this is just my account of what 've been through and what others have.

if you do intend on buying from them then use a credit card to make a deposit, that way when you find out that your car is just scrap then you can make a chargeback through your credit card company.

take a few minutes too read the two other reviews about longford park cars also a quick google search will show you jus what these people are.

please i urge anyone wo has dealings with them to write a reiew like this one, there is nothing to be afraid of. as long as what you write is honest and true, then it is 100% legal.

trading standards is now investigating. please if you have been conned then please contact coventry trading standards, no matter if you have manage to get your money back, still report them. they need to be shut down. if you have any doubts just contact me through ebay and i would be happy to help, i do not want anyone else going through what i have.

longford road (opposite longford park, behind the billboards)
West Midlands
United Kingdom
Alfies Cars now barbercars
Longford Road Opposite Longford Park
Park Opposite Longford Park
West Midlands
07563 747547 
Have change their eBay name yet again, they are trading now as barbercars, these are the same people, it is not under new management

+Update 05/01/2014 changed eBay name yet again now selling under the name covcarz.+

Also have websites barber cars. Co. Uk and coventreecars. Co. Uk, same people just check their address on website. 
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