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Hi    (Free help)

I help at a  free Cycle charity in cornwall called the Cornish Community Cycle Campaign so we do not have much  but we try to help in what ever way we can. We are a Reg UK & eBay charity

I think I know my way around a bicycle Ive been riding them, and built them for HOLDSWORTH/Y were I past my 753 frame builder ticket , Iv'e working in bicycle work & shops all my life  1970 till now ...unlike some people that only write about it or ride bikes to win lol then write a book ha ha.

Do I ever get it wrong.......  to that point I'll say  I will no longer buy some types of  non british tubing without seeing it in my hand , good looks ,chrome & nice cast dropout, bottom brackets, brake bridges & lug work... wont stop you from buying a lifeless seamed tubed frame..If a seller does not tell you becoase  they dont know or they do, but do tell you ,want can you do not a lot ,you just want know.

Some sellers wont sell to me I ask Q&A they dont want to answer, on one hand they say they know everything and sell using there good name but If you do not know what you are buying how do you know its good , hope the seller is telling you everthing!......... that would be nice

 If you ask me to look at a steel frame bicyicle on eBay all I can do is tell you what I think, hopfuly Guide you & after asking the seller one or two odd Q&A ...sorry to say this still wont gaurantee that you will get a good frame or a good seller as I have not seen the frame in real life and can only go on what I have seen and read ....................... BUT THEN IM FREE AND HERE

I can help you through most cycle parts not just frames, just get in touch with your questions.

How to get hold of me  through  eBay on cornishcommunitycyclecampaign or 5146susan or ring the Charity .



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