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Internet Phones ... calls without charges now that has to makes sense!!

Keeping in close contact with family, friends, customers and colleagues can be very costly on traditional phone lines, with most of us now using broadband there is another way! 

Now there is a craze sweeping the telephony world which is changing the face of telephone communication.  Making free phone calls over the internet is fast becoming a global hit!  

You can communicate using software from companies such as Skype (which is an Ebay Company by the way, and seems to be the most widely used VOIP software) 

Skype is a simple little programme that lets you chat with friends, family and colleagues anywhere in the world for FREE over the internet. All you need is a headset, an internet connection and someone to talk to! Check out Ebays Info on SKYPE

There are many others like googletalk available, so don't feel there's no choice all you need is an internet telephone!

How does it work?

  • Plug a USB internet telephone into your computer, register with a site and log on.  If your customers and colleagues are registered and logged on you can chat over the internet absolutely free!
  • Get the full low down on VOIP at: voip.org.uk

Where do you get a internet telephone?

  • There are many listed on Ebay on the net and of course at pen2paper.co.uk we are now stocking a great selection of Doro internet telephones. 
  • From handsfree headsets to stylish cordless handsets we've got the lot! 
  • Here are all the current Ebay Listings for VOIP 

Ebayers, Enhance your listings these internet phones could grow your sales! 

  • Add Skype to your listings and give your customers that one to one if they need  It'll save
    money for you both! 
  • Add skype to your listings in pre: About Skype
  • One gripe I have about this is that if you list many items like me you cannot add Skpye to all your listings you have to go into them one by one and add it, and worse still if you have sold an item from your inventory you have to end the Good til Cancelled Listing and start again to add it.. what a pain ebay you should sort it out so you can bulk add it to listings like paypal.

These and many other office machines and essentials are available in our ebay shop and on our website: pen2paper.co.uk

I hope this information is helpful to you please buy your machines and phones from us!!

Best wishes
Tim Ellis

my ebay store: Pen2Paper Ebay's No.1 for Office Supplies

feel free Skype me username:> Pen2Paper if you want any help with your office supplies!!

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