VW Scirocco Mk2 Buying Guide, ADVICE FROM A SPECIALIST

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Who are you?

I am the managing director of a ‘Superb Classics and Sports Ltd’, based in South Wales.  As the name suggested our interest is supplying you with the very best classic and sports cars available on the market.  Our specialities are:  Toyota MR2 Mk1 (AW11), VW Scirocco, Ford RS and XR Models and exceptionally low mileage/owner vehicles from 1970-1990.



Why are you writing this report?

To help those who are looking to buy an exceptional classic sports car, in this instance the underappeciated VW Scirocco Mk2.  Also in order to hopeful draw your attention to our e-bay items and our official website – where you may just find the car you have been searching for.  After all, we are specialists.  This is not a complete guide; there are many more important factors that need to looked at in order to find a ‘Superb’ example.



Why the VW Scirocco Mk2? (1981-1993)

Firstly and fore mostly; these cars are an abolute bargain for what you are actualy getting! Just ask any Mk2 Scirocco owner.


80’s boxy 'Capri' styling

Galvinised body and chassy.

Very light weight at under a 1,000 KG

Based on the classic Mk1 Golf GTi

Fantastic handling FWD coupe

The best of VW reliability

VW build quality

Quite basic specification on most – Simple

Fantstic value for money

Excellent investment

Cheap Tax (£200 a year)

Cheap to insure, even on a standard policy

Qualifies for ‘classic car insurance’

Stands out from the crowd – a 80’s Classic Coupe

New and used parts are easy to abtain

Low milage 1.8 GTII, GTX and other Scala injection models are prety quick!



So, what’s the not so good stuff about these cars?


Most have very high milage (100-250k!).  They can handle this kind of milage is well maintained, will not be as fresh as a low milage example though.

Glovebox lock ofen missing

Commonly leak rain water into the front footwells

Fuel filler neck somtimes rusts casing problems              

Many have had lots of previous owners (8+)

Many have very little history, due to the above.

The dashboard often cracks due to sundamage.

Seat bolsters sag and tear on high milage examples.




I think I’d like to try one of these, any other advice?


As with most cars and particular with classic cars – You get what you pay for.  Always buy the best example you can afford, this will ultimately save you money in the long term – even make you some.  That’s a lesson learnt many years ago.  Buying from a VW Scirocco specialist – such as ourselves – can safe you a lot of heartbreak, time and your hard earned pay.  A good specialist will only buy the best cars available, and they will know their onions, or Mk2 Scirocco's in this case.  Example of a potentially very good Scirocco:


1990 VW Scirocco Scala (carb/injection)

2 Previous Owners

Excelent interior with no wear

Original Bill of sale!

MOT 8-12 Months

60,000 miles

Extensive folder full of service history – Mainly VW

15 Old MOT’s to verify the mileage

Original Handbooks

3 Month Warranty


A very original example in superb condition.  Viewing welcomed, call me anytime if you have any questions or to arrange a viewing or test drive.



Tell tale signs of a potentiality sub-standard Scirocco:


1983 VW Scirocco GT

8 Owners

Good condition for year

6 Months MOT

135,000 miles

Not much rust

Recent re-spray

Had full history but the last owner didn’t pass it on as his next door neighbours, uncles mate misplaced it.  Then the fish ate it.  But it’s like a new car!


Very good condition.  (Photos taken at night, in the rain or when car is wet(to give the illusion of a good paint finish) – beware!)


Note: There are a lot of bad cars out there that people claim are in very good condition, BEWARE.  If in doubt – then go and check it out.  And check peoples feedback for other cars they have sold.  What did the customer say?




I hope that this guide will be useful to you.  Let me know if it is, I would appreciate that :).  If you are after just a good condition low mileage Scirocco Mk2 then happy hunting, there are some out there but they will undoubtingly need a bit of cash spending on the body, mechanics and the usual areas that these cheaper less cared for examples have perish.  HOWEVER, if your after a near Concourse condition Mk2, a low mileage ‘Minter’ or even just an exclent everyday car that will be the envy of all your friends – get in touch and check to see if we have your Scirocco in stock today!  Our official website adress can be found via our E-Bay Profile, and be sure to check out our e-bay items.


*For complete peace of mind contact us about our VW Scirocco Warenty Program.



Best Regards


D. Crisp

Managing Director
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