Vajra Vairab / Yamantaka

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Tib: dor je jig je, The Vajra Terror
Yamantaka is the wrathful form of peaceful bodhisattva Manjushri from the classification of Anuttarayoga Tantra.
Yamanataka belongs to Yamari class of tantra, specifically arises from Bhairva Root Tantra. Vajra Bhairava tantra belongs to Father Tantra using negative emotions such as anger and hatred as path. It is powerful enough to overcome and subdue even the most powerful negative emotions. It is common among three Sarma schools.
Lalitvajra, a 10th C.E. scholar from Nalanda monastery in Bihar is referred as the reveler of Vajra Bhairava and Yamari Tantra to originally Indian tantric audience.
Yamantaka is wrathful buffalo-head meditational deity of Highest Yoga Tantra class. Vajrabhairava is terrifying and wrathful, dark blue in colour with 9 faces, 34 hands and 16 legs. The main face is that of a buffalo, with a red face above and the slightly angry yellow face of Manjushri placed on top. The three right faces are yellow, dark blue and red and the three left are black, white and smoky. Each face has three large round eyes, bared white fangs and frightful expressions; dark yellow hair flows upward; adorned with bone ornaments and a necklace of fifty heads. The first pair of hands hold a curved knife and skullcup embracing the consort. The remaining hands hold a variety of objects. Vajra Vetali has one face and two hands, blue in colour with orange hair pressed against the back; holding a skullcup in the left hand. The right legs of Bhairava are bent pressing down on various animals and gods. The left legs are extended straight and press upon various birds and gods; standing above a sun disc and multi-coloured lotus completely surrounded by the orange flames of pristine awareness.

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