Vajra Yogini

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Vajra Yogini
Tibetan: rDo-rJe enal-‘byor-ma, Adamantine Female Practitioner, Naro Khechari

Vajra Yogini is the principal female yidam of the highest yoga tantra of New Translation Schools of Tibetan Buddhism.
She is seen slightly wrathful. She has one face and is red in color with three eyes. She holds in her right hand a curved knife with golden vajra and a skull cup in her left hand from which she drinks the blood and Khatvanga(Trident and Staff) with vajra tip in her left elbow. She is adorned with tiara of Skulls, various bone ornaments, girdles, bracelets and a necklace of freshly severed human heads. She stands on top of Kalaratri and black bhairava. She stands above an ornate sun disc and lotus completely surrounded by the flames of pristine awareness.

She belongs to ‘Wisdom Class’ of Anuttara Yoga Tantra. She arises specifically from Chakrasamvara Cycle of Tantra. She is also called “Wisdom Goddess” who cuts through the initiates’ ignorance and severes him /her from all hindering attachments. She is instrumental deity in a number of important initiations.


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