Valco Tri Mode Pushchair & Toddler seat

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Valco tri mode pushchair and todder seat.
Tri mode = triple mode!

This is a double pushchair (side by side) with an additional seat in front for an older child.
I am always being stopped to be told what a great push chair I have, Everyone loves it - especially those who are expecting twins and already have young children already!

I had an older Valco tri mode, purchased from eBay with the intentions of getting the tri mode seat.
However on researching, the pushchair was too old, getting one proved very difficult. 

I bought the ''Joey'' seat, imported it from the states, paid a hefty customs fee - and it didn't fit, it was only then that I realized I was never going to get the right seat.
I did a quick search of a different site and quickly found one that would let the Joey seat attach to.
I took the seat with me, there and then put the seat on it - and because it fitted I purchased it.

The variation I have is the blue and orange, a very striking pushchair.

The Downsides:

* You have to purchase all extras from the states / Australia and pay custom charges
* The handles are adjustable so you lose that 'sturdy' feeling
* Folding can be tricky, until you get the hang of it
* It doesn't rear ward face, but then again NO other triple does.

The Upsides:

* This is a good quality triple pushchair (suits a toddler and newborn twins)
* Adjustable handles, which can be helpful
* Plenty of storage (under storage is excessive, plus there are many other compartments too!)
* Nice smooth ride for all babies / children on board
* Nice long footplate, means that the babies (when older) won't be dragging their feet on the wheels (Like maclaren rally twins for example!)

Personally, I reviewed the ABC triple / quad and decided against these - If you have your older, heavier children on top - surely the stability is compromised?

When I purchased this my daughter was around 20 months old and I had twin girls. My 20 month old daughter was a bit on the young side to be attached via wrist strap, also she was born with a heart condition, and after intense, life-saving surgery at 7 months old, I don't and still don't want her walking far to compromise her heart. 

I highly recommend this pushchair, despite the few down sides, it's a very good, sturdy worker, we use it every day. 
I have now owned 26 push chairs (check out my few other reviews), I only ever review the very best (as per this one), or the very worse (as per Marco L sky tandem!)
Having owned 26 push chairs I can say, this is definitely one of the very best out there, especially because it can ''tri mode'' and is suitable for twins + an older but still young child.

I hope this review has helped you - if so, please vote it up!
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