Valkyrie (Tom Cruise)

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This film is about the final attempt to overthrow Adolf Hitler during the second world war. A group of conspirators hatch a plan to finally rid the world of the Fuhrer and "show the world that we are not all like that".

I saw the trailers for this film at a previous visit and liked what i saw.... Tom Cruise is great in this as are all the actors. Dispensing with the accents but with fine performances all the same. I have never liked Tom Cruise, since that film "Top Gun" came out and that horrible soundtrack encompassing all the worst things about the 1980's...... I couldn't wait to see what a wally he makes of himself in this film. I was wrong, Tom Cruise makes an excellent German and the uniform (especially the patch) looks much more down to earth than that awful leather jacket he used to wear....

About half an hour in i drifted off for ten minutes like i do but then snapped back to enjoy the action. The film is medium paced and i particulary like the camera angles.. lots of looking up and down from heights...

The plot thickens when the conspirators think they have killed Hitler only to be to told that "the Fuhurer is alive and well"... There is also a rearguard action to stop the conspirators... This provokes ten minutes of "is he or isn't he?"

In the end the conspirators are rounded up and shot....

This rounds off the film. The whole film is based in Germany with no tommies or yanks in sight.

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