Vanguards Old & New and Newer still

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Hi there,

Thanks for reading this guide.  This is just a quickie rough guide to Vanguards with approximation on prices as a general guide.

Vanguards original (Lledo type box) were very 'retro 40/50/60's ambulances, morris minors etc. Models were excellent, but boxes were badly designed are are therefore difficult to find in perfect condition, although the models inside the box are often mint condition. Models were pretty basic but cute. Guide price £1-£8

Vanguards 1/43 were originally manafactured in oblong coloured boxes. Green/yellow = commercial, two tone blue = police etc. They were very well made in either flap ended boxes or pull on pull of lid boxes. They are both as sturdy as each other, although over long periods the darker colours (red/black) especially begin to erode and the underneath colour can often be seen through the outer colour. These items often came with fixable wing mirrors, detachable roofs, tax disc description certificates. Guide price £5-£40 (depending on rarity)

Vanguards Perspex Box are quite new 2005 onwards (a few initial 2004 models) these are produced by Corgi and differ in that the box is very hard cover and the rear of the box is used for advertising future releases. Corgi have upped the new price especially for anything Police related. Some are exact re-issues of older vanguards but in the 'new box' style. Guide price £6-£20

There are some anniversary models which come in a much uprated box normally coloured metallic green with a sheen all of its own. Some of these are re-releases of older vanguards, but may be coloured gold instead of the original release colour. Guide price £10-£25

There are a small number of CHROME VANGUARDS in SPECIAL BOXES. Always collectible, very limited numbers. Guide price £45-£80.

Vanguards also make combined sets, these vary much, and I will put a seperate guide on here for them soon.

Brian (Brianbillie - Harries & Wilson Diecast)

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