Varilight Energy Saving Dimmable CFL light bulb 100w

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Welcome to the page that will hopefully tell you all you need to know about the Varilight Energy Saving Dimmable CFL Light bulbs, rated at 20w but have an equivalent light power output of 100w

The Varilight Dimmable Energy Saving Compact Fluorescent Lamp has won the 100% diesgn awards in September 2007 and has featured in a Greenpeace demonstration highlighting energy saving lighting.

During the lifetime of these bulbs approximately 16,000 hours, grade A, far beating the competition, you can expect to save over £100 on energy bills and reduce CO2 commisions by half a tonne.

This technology allows you to dim an energy saving light bulb using your dimmer switch. Best of all this product will work perfectly with the remote control Varilight dimmers.

Thus in dimming these products you can create the perfect ambience and be energy saving at the same time, particularly important when we are all trying to reduce our carbon footprint at the moment.

For use with standard dimmer switches with a power output starting at 20w (Minimum load) - phase cut, leading and training edge technology

The Main Features can be summarised as follows:
  • Dimming range 2% to 100%
  • Full dimming and constant brightness, regardless of voltage fluctuations
  • Excellent power factoring
  • Digital flicker - free regulation of brightness
  • Plug & Play - swap your standard bulb to this new energy saving dimmable light bulb
  • Produces 1300 lumens
  • Excellent power factor correction of 0.95 compared to 0.60 for other CFL's, thus allowing for more efficient energy distribution and as discussed reduced energy costs.
The Minimum load requirements are simple, the bulb is rated to 20w and thus your minimum load must be met. Example if you had a minimum load of 60w you should use 3 of these bulbs on that circuit, ie 3x20w = 60w

Please note these energy saving bulbs work perfectly with all the remote control light switch as featured in my ebay store.

However, there is also an upside to these bulbs, for example if you wanted to use them with the Varilight 1 gang remote dimmer which is rated to 400w, you could use 10 of these bulbs on one circuit (ie half the power, being 20w x 10 = 200w), but as they are 20w equivalent to 100w, this would effectively produce 10 x 100w of power = 1000w off one light circuit, which would be bright enough to light up a church on a dim day from one light switch alone!

Also note, coming soon: Fully dimmable ballasts for Linear Flurescent Lampts (LFLs) again Varilight are going to set the standard, big companies should take note.

Reduce your carbon footprint today, save the environment and have ambiant lighting around your home or work place, thank you for reading - Ben Sunderland 01/11/2007

Update: Ben Sunderland 17/05/2008:

5 Bulbs, from left to right:
1. Standard incandescent light bulb, slightly modified at the top. 2.Megaman energy saving dimmable LED GU10 bulb. 3. Standard incandescent light bulb. 4. Standard energy saving dimmable light bulb. 5.Varilight Energy Saving dimmable light bulb

Comparison of Standard incandescent bulb to Varilight Energy Saving Dimmable light bulb:
The Varilight Energy Saving dimmable light bulb is approx only 2cms longer than the standard light bulb and so will more often than not fit easily into most lighting scenarios that use to use a standard bulb.
Approx Max sizes:
1. Standard light bulb: 6cms wide, 10cms tall
2. Varilight Energy Saving dimmable light bulb: 6cms wide, 10 cms tall

*** A Further note to be updated soon is that we are now selling the LED Wise GU10 and MR16 LED Bulbs, which have just gone into John Lewis, these are expensive, but terrific at only 3 watts, the energy saving is out of this world, more to follow soon, or call 0800 043 5532 ***

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