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I hope that my previous post about crafting with your kids this Christmas inspired you to get creative with your kids.  Now for part two!

So what else I am inspired by at this time of year, well if you are a regular reader then it will come as no surprise to you that it is getting kids in to the kitchen and creating with them, baking making and having fun.

Creativity is part of my make up.  It runs through my veins and has since I had the boys.  One of the biggest things I want my kids to remember is having fun making things.  I also want to to have mad skills in the kitchen!  I want them to be able to whip up meals, cakes and treats and feel comfortable in the kitchen.  I actually think I am doing pretty well with this, both of the boys are pretty adept at making and icing cakes and can cook a meal with minimum supervision which isn’t to shoddy at eight and nine.

Many of the Mad House Family traditions are based around food.  We make christmas cookies to give out instead of cards to the boys classmates at school, We make Christmas Cakes and puddings for our loved ones and the Mini Mads love making Jelly Baby Jesus cakes.

Another one of our annual traditions is making our not to gingery gingerbread, which we use to make Gingerbread houses and reindeer cookies.

So I have created a collection with eBay all focused around festive baking with kids.

Over the coming weeks you will see that we start to produce more christmas crafts, decorations and baking and we will be sharing our how to’s on here.  You will find activities and ideas to use all of the items on our collection, just like the fab cakes the boys make in the photo above.

You will need:

Foil cake cases
Piping set
Paste food colouring
Christmas sprinkle mix


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