Vegan Tattoo Ink

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As a stockist of Stable Tattoo Inks, when buying your Stable Blood Red ink from us 100% of the proceeds from the sale will go directly to aids charities:

    “The Blood Red Project exists to help those suffering from HIV/AIDS and its effects on their lives, communities, and our society as a whole. The Blood Red Project consists of partnerships between Stable Color / Workhorse Irons and various HIV/AIDS related organizations world wide. These partnerships are funded by the sale of Stable Color’s Blood Red tattoo ink. 100% of Blood Red ink sales go directly to these partnerships and their efforts to combat HIV/AIDS.”

Fresh from the USA, we are now stocking Stable Inks.

Stable inks have been specially developed for the highest quality and workability. From eye catching solid fields, to subtle muted tones and delicate pastel hues, these tattoo inks are created for high flexibility to achieve the results you desire.

Stable inks also contain 99.9% pure glycerin, which is vegan safe. Joe Capobianco uses Stable Ink:

    Posted by JOE on 08/06/04

    Hey there, I’ve been using the Stable colors, with my own stuf for a few months now, with pretty good results. I’ve been mixing my own powders for about 5 years now. I use both Spaulding, and National powders. As for skin tones I use brown mixed with lotus pink, ussually mixed right in the machine, while dipping cup to cup. I also have a pre mix, which is brown, lavander, and white. Again certain tone are acheived, by dipping during the tattoo. Hard to explain without an example.
    Hope this helps…

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