Vehicle and Car scam - BEWARE

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There is a scam going around at the moment involving car and vehicle sales. The items are advertised at a price thats appealing. As part of this, you may be asked to register to bid. You apply but nobody responds until after the auction has ended. You are then contacted with some rubbish stating why they have not responded earlier, but offering the vehicle at a crazy low, bargain price including shipping and import taxes etc!! You then get asked to send the money via Western Union (or similar 3rd party) for safety and tell you to send your address so they can get things in motion. The shipping agents will not exist and addresses will inevitably be not as you are led to believe. Your questions will not be answered and you just keep getting hassled to send the money. DON'T DO IT. They may start to get stroppy and the poor English may help to indicate some kind of foreign scammers.

I even had a vehicle listed in London which I bid on. Did not win it, but got contacted outside of the auction to buy it the next day at a great price. This was not an official second chance offer though. I said ok and would drive down, pay cash and collect. They said they were working long term in Paris and so could I pay by Western Union and they would then arrange for their friend to unlock the garage and let me collect it. They declined and would only accept payment first. Again, they got very agressive when I told them no way.

So BUYER BEWARE. If it sounds too good to be true - dont part with the cash.

Hope this helps

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