Vendors misappropriating extra postage monies

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How many people out there have purchased items off Ebay, paid extra postage, ie ( .70p recorded, £4.00 registered or even more), and the letter/package arrives 1st class? I am afforded no protection by Ebay regarding one of its sellers doing this. It is about time Ebay through the sellers agreement  forced its sellers to complete a so called postage page with relevant pertinent information that can be viewed by the buyer (commented on if required) and Ebay alike. I hate to think how many thousands? of £s is being misappropriated by sellers like this and nothing is being done by Ebay to change problem and help buyers.. I have had two such instances /purchases this week that have resulted in the above. More time wasted at the PC. but I should not have to do this. Maybe Ebay can comment on this problem?


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