Venetian Mirrored Furniture

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Out There Interiors Ltd is the UKs leading supplier of Mirrored Furniture. We have premises in East and West London, but we deliver nationwide.  You'll be seduced by our designs and amazed at our prices. Visit our showroom in Chalfont or check us out online. Out There Interiors .com

This link takes you to our eBay store: Venetian Mirrored Furniture.

Don't be afraid of eBay. Half the cost of Laura Ashley, Havey Nicolls and Next. Reliable Delivery and Viewing available. Grab mirrored furniture bargains with us on eBay today...

Our guide to Venetian Mirrored Furniture of all shapes and sizes covers Venetian Mirrored Dressing TablesVenetian Mirrored Coffee Tables , Venetian Mirrored Chest of DrawersVenetian Mirrored Bedside Tables  and more! We even cover Venetian Mirrors :)


This guide tells you were to buy your Venetian Mirrored Bedroom Furniture Set , Where to avoid, and any potential problems you may come across. Mark and I run eBay store: Out There Interiors Ltd . We sell a lot of Venetian Mirrored Furniture and accessories and therefore feel qualified to offer a few insights into choosing and purchasing. Here we go...

Tip 1: Don't be afraid of a bargain

Ridiculous I know but a lot of people think if they aren't paying top wack they aren't getting a quality product. This is absolute twoddle. Personally I always pay through the nose for jeans. Cheap/bargain jeans are useless. Cheap Venetian Furniture is not. What people often don't realise is that high street (and not so high street) stores such as Laura Ashley, John Lewis, Next and Harvey Nichols use the same suppliers as the rest of us. I have often encountered buyers for these stores shopping in my suppliers warehouses.  The only difference between these stores and our eBay store is A) a famous name B) a lot of florescent lighting and C) a ridiculous mark-up. Buying sensibly on eBay is a great way the knock half the price of any Venetian Furniture Set.

Tip 2: Be careful who you buy from

Perhaps a contradiction to to Tip 1 in some respects, but I think you will understand when I elaborate. Buying on eBay will almost guarantee you Bargain Venetian Furniture  but you MUST be careful who you purchase from. Venetian Mirrored Furniture is ridiculously fragile. When we first opened our eBay store Mark and I scrutinised the polystyrene packaging on a pair of Venetian Bedside Tables and decided it was thick and sturdy enough to send via DHL. How wrong we were. The two parcels turned up (5 days late, but that's another story) and barely recognisable. Thank goodness the poor buyer had the sense not to fully open the boxes as we probably would have had a law suit on our hands. I have never seen as much broken glass in all my life and it was a lesson well learnt. NEVER allow a seller to send you any Venetian Mirrored Furniture via a standard courier. I have never come across a courier company that insures glass products so unless the seller insures the items himself (as we do) your furniture is not insured and is almost certainly going to turn up broken.  Mark and I now do all our Venetian Furniture Deliveries  ourselves. This guarrantees the customer an undamaged product and saves us the cost of replacements and returns. It's also nice because we get to meet our lovely customers.

Tip 3: Check all images thoroughly

Make sure you get all the information about the Venetian Mirrored Furniture  you are about to buy. Images can be misleading. Extra images on eBay cost 12p so if the seller has only included one they are being extremely tight.  Ask the seller to send you some more images (via email if they cannot face the 12p) If they refuse, be suspicious. I have a friend who recently bought a Venetian Mirrored Dressing Table off eBay that was pictured only from the front. When she received it she found that the table top was not mirrored at all and been replaced with fake blue velvet (lovely). When she complained the seller argued that she had bought it as she had seen it. Outrageous behaviour, but one could argue that my friend had been naive.

Tip 4: Be very careful unwrapping and manuvering

Very obvious I know but the amount of people who damage their stunning venetian furniture  whist manuvering or assembling it in their own homes if worth writing about. Never mind couriers. Mark and I almost smashed a spectacular venetian mirrored coffee table whilst assembling the legs for a photograph. Make sure you think through how you will get the piece into position before you rush to put it together. My excitement at receiving a new piece often gets the better of me.

Tip 5: Polish it, admire it, love it

There is no doubt that venetian mirrored furniture looks stunning. The mirrored chest of drawers  we have in our bedroom never fails to get a mention. It really does dazzle. Maximise it's impact by giving it a good polish once a week. Like any glass item, finger marks do show up so if you want to keep it looking immaculate invest in a can of pledge and some dusters. (try not to get obsessed however). No amount of cleaning could make me change my mind about Venetian Mirrored Furniture . Mark and I absolutely love it, and we love the reactions from our customers too.

Visit our eBay store here: Out There Interiors . If you cannot find the Venetian Furniture you are looking for please contact us. We have a HUGE range which is not featured on eBay: Venetian mirrored side tables, venetian mirrored console tables, venetian mirrored desks, venetian mirrored jewellery boxes, venetian mirrored bathroom accessories and more -all at rock bottom prices. Delivered to your door, by us.

Thanks for reading

Jenny @ Out There Interiors Ltd





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