Very Good Product.

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I bought an insulated log cabin (4m x 3m) from Dunster House. I had read loads of reviews and concluded that whilst their after sales service clearly leaves something to be desired, there was not much written against their products. Of course I also took all those glowing reviews from people with no feedback, with a pinch of salt!

Myself and my nephew took three days to build the cabin (it is twin skin remember) and I'm not going to say it was a doddle, because it wasn't. It was hard work and the instructions whilst okay, are not as good as they could be.

I have to conlude that in my opinion I recommed the company because it is a big organisation and you feel safe that you are going to get what you ordered and it is going to be good quality at a reasonable price. So i give them 10/10 for product quality, 7 out ot ten for their instructions, 10/10 for pre-delivery customer service and I cannot mark them on after-sales service 'cos I didn't need to call them about anything.

Hope this helps.

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