Vibra Blade uses and benefits

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I used the Vibra Blade after a wrist injury to gain my strength back, I found the results to be very quick and impressive. I hope this explains how it works and the benefits.

Vibra Blade is different to other exercise equipment, most systems work on a weighted item or a stretch system. However the Vibra Blade works on the opposite premise. Once the end begins to move, inertia wants to keep them in motion and its up to the user to resist. This makes injury risks reduced. So basicaly this is a resistance form of muscle exercise which is much gentler, than the tradional build up exercisers.

Over the course of a minute the ends of the Vibra Blade move back and forth 270 times, hence your muscles have to resist the movement. The resistance needed to control the blade can range from 1 to 34 pounds depending on the amplitude of flexing tips.

Simple exercises to compliment the Vibra Blade

Hold over your head rotate the blade one way and then the other.

Hold the blade from above and straight out in front of you (palms facing downwards). With arms outstretched, gently rotate the bar back and forth so that the ends move up and down.

Lie flat on your back knees up hold the blade from above and at arms length . Bend your arms to bring the blade closer to your chest and rotate the bar back and forth at the same time.

Hold the blade behind your back. Rotate the bar so the ends move up and down.

Hold the blade vertically in front of you. Rotate the blade first one way and then the other.

Each of these procedures should be done for around one minute.

Hope this review explained how the Vibra Blade works and its uses,

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