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There has been a recent surge in the use of vibration plates in the home as they represent the very latest developments in fitness technology. Vibration plates or vibration machines give users a thorough, low impact workout in less time and with much less effort then many other variations of home gym equipment.

Please Note - a vibration plate requires mains power. Without power, plates will not operate. You will need to locate your vibration plate near a power supply in your home gym or exercise room, commercial fitness club or physio clinic.

A vibration plate increases a person’s fitness level by the user adopting a series of different moves and positions whilst on the machine, thus strengthening and toning muscle whilst burning fat and calories which all work towards maintaining your optimum BMI. Vibration Plates are ideal for people who want to get fit and work towards a healthy, slim body but have small amounts of spare time to do so.

One of the benefits of vibration plates is that you can start at any level of fitness and see the benefits. Users will develop muscle and body power thus stimulating the metabolism, which will lead to weight loss, as well as improving your overall health and fitness.

Vibration plates increase muscle mass and bone density by stimulating cellular movement that compliments the natural healing rejuvenative process that occurs inside our bodies. Vibration plates also stimulate and help to improve blood circulation, which is ideal for people who are worried about the occurrence of cellulite.

Gymworld stock a wide range of different makes and models of vibration machines including top brands such as Vibrogym, Merit and Treo. Vibrogym in particular manufacture medically accredited vibration plates, popular in gyms, health clubs, hospitals and physiotherapy clinics.

A good example of a vibration plate workout is this the following set of exercises on models such as the Vibrogym Domestic. This workout is designed to improve your overall flexibility:

    Glute Stretch
    Quadriceps Stretch
    Hamstring Stretch
    Back Stretch
    Lat Stretch

This workout has the added benefit of improving circulation and metabolism which can aid fat burning and weight loss. This set of exercises are useful when adopted as a pre work out set of stretches or as a stand alone fitness routine.

When purchasing a vibration plate there are several factors that you should take into consideration.

Warranties - Always check the warranty on a vibration plate before making your vibration plate purchase. Usually most vibration plates come with both parts and labour warranties, as this ensures that you wont have to repair the vibration plate yourself if something was to go wrong with it. Generally most vibration plates now come with at least a one year parts and labour warranty.

Space - Vibration plates are one of the most compact piece of fitness equipment available, which means they require less space within your home. Although vibration plates are fairly compact piece of home fitness equipment we recommend that you have enough room to place the vibration plate. Most vibration plates will need to be plugged into the mains and so will require a power socket nearby.

User/Users - It is important to consider who will be using the vibration plate. Different types of users may have certain types of requirements. Vibration plates offer a low impact workout which involves less effort than many other variations of home gym equipment, these factors make vibration plates suitable for most users. Vibration plates are ideal for people seeking the following:

Physical Therapy Treatment - treating injuries and injury prevention, and revalidation of joints, muscles and tendons.

Rehabilitation Treatment – treating muscle atrophy, muscle hypotonia, peripheral circulation disorders, pain suppression, muscle strengthening, oedema (lymph drainage) and proprioceptive disturbances.

Medical Treatment – treating of disorders such as MS, osteoporosis, various muscle and nervous disorders, paresis, various handicaps and forms of spasticity.

Improvement in Fitness: Using as a piece of warm up equipment, for fitness, strength and cooling-down.

For those who are overweight and over 60 we recommend that you consult your GP before undertaking exercise.

Types of Vibration Plates - There are four forms of vibration plate technology:

Crank - Crank vibration plates are the most common vibration plate types. Crank is 1st generation technology and makes an up and down and lateral movement on the vibration plate.

Linkage - The linkage system is the next generation technology. A linkage system vibration plate is thought to produce the most efficient and effective movement due to the energy transfer through the vertical plane.

Motor - Motor vibration plates are the most common vibration plate types alongside Crank vibration plates. Motor vibration plates are1st generation technology. A motor vibration plate makes an up and down and lateral movement on the vibration plate.

See-Saw - A see-saw system has a rocking movement.

Programmes - Many vibration plates come with built in workout programmes. Workout programmes are a fantastic way to keep yourself motivated during your training as workout programmes offer a wide variety of fitness routines. If you find that you get bored easily whilst exercising, it may be worth investing in a vibration plate which has a range of fitness programmes as this could help you enjoy your workout out more and increase your motivation. Vibration Plates have a wide range of programmes including fitness programmes for elderly users which are often orientated around balance, programmes for de-conditioned athletes to enhance performance, programmes regular users to complement an existing fitness regime and rehabilitation and pyhsio programmes for users recovering from or suffering from injuries.

Frequency and Acceleration - Whole body vibration training is also known as express or acceleration training, due to its rapid effects. It is a misconception that the higher the frequency on a vibration plate the more effective and efficient it is, when in fact the effectiveness and efficiency is dependent movement of the platform. It is widely recognised that most effective form of increased muscle activation is in a vertical plane. Dependent on the user the workout can be reduced from an hour down to 20 minutes to gain the same effect.

A higher frequency increases the force of the vibration plate which increases the impact on your body, joints and muscles. Some vibration plates enable you to set the frequency by simply touching a button.

Amplitude - (measured in mm, peak to peak displacement of the vibration): a higher amplitude increases the extent of the movement and thereby increases training intensity.

PLEASE NOTE: Before starting a new fitness programme we recommend that you consult your GP or medical adviser
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