Victoria’s Secret Swimwear – The Perfect Fit

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Victoria’s Secret – The Perfect Fit - Updated February 13th 2014
General Size Chart
XXS – 6UK / 34EU.
XS – 8UK / 36E. Fits 30AA thru to32A
Small – 10UK / 48EU. Fits 32A thru to 34B
Medium – 12UK / 40EU. Fits 34B thru to 38C
Large – 14UK / 42EU Fits 38C thru to 36DD*
(General rules, the cup sizes vary according to the style of the top)
* Not in the bandeau style
Hi everyone. My name is Jen, I am a top rated platinum level powerseller and I have been selling Victoria’s Secret on eBay for over 7 years now. In that time I have sold over 15,000 bikinis / monokinis / tankinis and one-pieces across all of their collections and in all styles and sizes.
I am often emailed asking about Victoria's Secret fit. It's an excellent question and it is very much style and collection specific. I am going to break down the 5 leading top styles, briefly took about the briefs and then tackle the variations of the 3 most popular collections and how these different styles and cuts affect the sizing and subsequent fit of a piece Victoria’s Secret swimwear.
First, some general sizings advise. The measurements on the bikini tops and bottoms jump up around 1.5" / 3.75cms width wise and around 0.5” / 1.25cms length wise with each size up.
Don't forget that bikini's and monokini's are very stretchy my design and a flat measurement can sometimes seem a little stingy and somewhat misleading. Best thing to do is to measure a bikini you currently own that fits you really well and compare the measurements to these.
Most Victoria’s Secret bikinis / monokinis / tankinis tops have removable pads. The pads are good for 2 reasons. Firstly, because it helps tailor the top to your bust. The top could fit you perfectly around the back but be a little restrictive around the front. The wearer removes the pads and its gives them the perfect fit, or vice versa. Secondly, the wearer can decide how full they want to appear on top that day for the beach.
Bikini Tops
Bandeau –
This most popular and bestselling style of bikini Top I have in my store. It is the most versatile style and can be worn strapless or with its detachable halter tie. On the whole these tops run slightly small, being true to size around the band, but a little stingy in the cup area. However, the top is designed to push you up and give the wearer a really nice and feminine rounded décolletage. If you have take a large cup size and a small band size, (e.g. 32E) and vice versa, if you have a large band size and a small cup size (e.g. 40A), then this top is not for you.
This top is great and suits most body shapes – and is especially good at plumping up the appearance of a smaller chest. Less is more with this style.
Wireless Halter
Hot on the heels in popular to the bandeau is the wireless halter bikini top. This top is perfect if you have a larger bust as it offers more support, and it has more of a classic ‘push-up’ effect as it brings your breasts together more as opposed to the plumping them up and over the top as the bandeau does.
You will notice that this top has nice thick straps under the bust and for the halter ties. This no clasp design offers the wearer maximum versatility when it comes to tailoring the top to their body type, and thus extremes in back / cup size does not matter here.
The thick band under the bust provides a terrific and sturdy shelf and the thick neck ties ensure a secure, comfortable fit. This also gives the wearer the flexibility of deciding how tight to secure the knot and thus how much cleavage to show.
Fit wise, this top is the most flexibility and will suit any wearer. I would recommend the bigger the better with this one, as the more you can put in the top, the greater the enhancement.
Classic Halter
This style has been made famous by the signature star bikini that has been the one bikini style that Victoria’s Secret has been seen and photographed on many female celebrities in numerous magazines over the past 2 years.
This top is a classic and brings things back to basics. The classic halter tends to be very decorative with fabulous jewelry and on’s and sparkles – extremely modern and feminine.
Fit wise, like its sister the wireless halter, the wearer can custom fit the top to their body and decide how high they would like the ladies that day. However, this style suits small to medium sized busts. The straps are about half the thickness and the cups are small in diameter so a larger chest (D Cups plus) would spill out of the front. A smaller chest (A-C) looks fabulous in this classic piece.
Bikini Bottoms
The 6 styles of bikini bottoms that Victoria’s Secret offer are very self-explanatory. We all know that a string bottom is the most versatile fit wise as you can ties the end together where you want it to seat on your hip, while a scoop bottom provides the most side coverage. I am just briefly (no pun intended!) going to talk about the 2 new styles that are a little more ambiguous:
Cheeky / Brazilian
Best selling bikini bottoms by far -  this bottom is as sexy as it gets! Design wise, this bottom is the sister of the low-rise scoop but it provides minimal coverage on the wearers behind. In English, this means only half of your tosh will be covered, leaving this bottom between a scoop and a thong aka minimal coverage. These are not for family holidays, but in the right setting (Miami Beach, Ibiza) these would look sensational!
Side Ruched
This bottom is very cool as it’s a mixture of a low rise scoop and a string. Although there are no strings to tie, the ruched side panels are sewn separately onto the bottom and act independently as string would. They can be moved up (for a high thigh look) or down) for a straight line, very low rise look) whilst the body of the bottoms do not move at all. They can also be spread up or together for a fanned or a tight look.
The Collections
Beach Sexy
The beach sexy range is girly, feminine and modern collections. There pieces are always in bright happy summery colors and trendy patterns.
The pieces are light and easily mixed and matched, so buy 3 pieces and you could have 8 complimentary looks!
These bikinis’s go across all age-ranges and are the epitome of summer fun!
Very Sexy
These pieces are tailored from cutting edge designs. Often daring with bold colors and fabulous jewellery pieces incorporated into the tops and bottoms
This range is glamorous and high end. The pieces tend to be more expensive and cannot be mixed with another style. This range is infamous for producing limited edition pieces that stay on the market for only a few weeks before they pull them from the website. This creates a market for them on eBay and whenever you see a Victoria’s Secret bikini being sold for over $100, chances are it is a Very Sexy limited edition.
Forever Sexy
Perfect for ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes. Almost of of their tops are bra-sized and underwired providing the most support and usually the most coverage. The tops are made just like the premium Victorias Secret bras, so you will see keywords such as 'demi', 'push-up' 'full coverage' in the ads - its premium waterproof underwear - and absolute staple of your swimwear collection (and mine!)
Monokinis – the Good, the bad and the ugly!
1.                Flattering style covers up the tum and gives the wearer a sophisticated look.
2.                The band under the chest are mostly strings with floating cups (ie, the cups can be bunched together or fanned out for extra or leaner coverage diameter wise –like a tango bottom can)
3.                A well fitting monokini looks ten times more expensive than a bikini and will get you all the attention by the pool
4.                Very modern and feminine piece and as it covers you up more, great for family holidays as well as going away with friends.
1.               Victoria’s Secret do not make monokini’s for ladies bigger than a small D cup – it is strictly for smaller chested ladies
2.                The fit of a monokini is very specific and unless you have tried one on before it is very hard to buy one online and get the correct fit. The monokini has been my biggest return this year as the fit is so specific.
3.                Because of point 2, a monokini makes a terrible present! Guys, please don’t buy one for your girlfriend, chances are you will order the incorrect size. Buy her a rockin’ Very Sexy bikini instead.
4.                Only one style of monokini by Victoria’s Secret has molded or padded cups, most are unlined.
1.    Really flattering as they completely cover you mid section
2.    Perfect for family holidays and for hiding the vacation pounds!
3.    Victoria’s Secret offer halter neck and adjustable shoulder strap designs
4.    Often, Victoria’s Secret offer a tankini top in the same print as a sister bikini, so you could have 2 sets with just 3 pieces.
1. The fit is not as adjustable as a bikini. The bra top could fit perfectly and the body of the tankini could be far too loose or vice versa
2.    As they are longer and almost always touch your bikini bottoms - you can't get away with not having a perfect match as much as you can with a bikini top - making this a more expensive swimwear option.
3.    Surprisingly, they tend to be more expensive than the bikini tops, so resellers on eBay have to charge a higher price for them.
So, in conclusion, if your smaller on top and wider at the bottom, and are looking for a feminine modern piece for the summer, go for a beach sexy bandeau with tie string bottoms. If you’re a lean fashionista, treat yourself to a stylish monokini. And if you’re feeling the need for a socialite look, splurge on this season must have Very Sexy jewelry piece- you won’t be sorry.
Thank-you for reading my little Victoria’s Secret fit bible! Feel free to email me any questions about my Victoria’s Secret items or any general questions and I will do my best to help you.

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