Video Games Bundle?

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     I would like to show you how you can get more money of selling your, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii etc. I see alot of people selling bundles of thier video games, ranging from up to 2 games to 120 games, I will show you how to make a little bit more cash by following these two simple steps.

     Firstley, do not sell your games in huge bundles keep it fairly small from about 2-6 games. Otherwise you will not be reaching the full potential for your games and the people would probabley not want or play half of these games. You will have to pay a little bit more and your eBay fees, and postage equipment but thats not too much to worry about. Also to end this point, we are in the credit crunch which alot of people do not wanting to spending their money as often as liked.

     Secondley, when selling your bundles try to sell them in a specific genre, like someone might want to buy family games for their family, and has seen your bundle with family games in there but also includes some over 18 shooters,  that will put them off straight. Someone could also just want driving games but dosent want to pay extra for shooters that they might not want. This gives you a much wider market. Also you could sell your games in sequels, like Call Of Duty 3,4,5 this will attract alot of buyers.

     Thank you for reading my short review on these simple steps to sell your video games will more potential. =D

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