Vintage Art Deco Ring Buying Guide

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Vintage Art Deco Ring Buying Guide

Vintage Art Deco jewellery originated in the roaring 1920s. During the 1920s, manufacturing with machinery became more common, allowing for the production of high quality jewellery. The era was also the first time that plastics and aluminium were used in the construction of jewellery. Art Deco was inspired by the architectural and automotive designs of the time. Vintage Art Deco rings were usually created from a combination of pearls, rubies, gold, chrome, steel, and plastic. White gold and platinum were preferred over yellow gold. The materials were composed into geometric shapes including circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, and arcs. Art Deco rings are available in an array of designs including Indian symbols, African emblems, animals, and insects. Art Deco rings can reflect the character of the wearer and the unique design can often command attention.

Vintage Art Deco rings often have a plain band, sometimes square as opposed to round. The rings became less popular towards the end of the 1930s. Now, vintage Art Deco rings are highly collectable and many are still worn as costume jewellery. When purchasing a vintage Art Deco ring, buyers should familiarise themselves with the history of Art Deco, consider the various styles of rings from this era, and understand their advantages. Buyers should also consider ring sizing and learn how to examine a vintage Art Deco ring for signs of damage. Vintage Art Deco rings may be found at auction houses and at online retailers such as eBay.

History of Art Deco

Art Deco is a movement started in Paris during the 1920s. The elegance and decadence of design was thought to be a response to the First World War. Art Deco is characterised by its elegant designs consisting of straight lines and geometric shapes, modelled after popular architecture. Art Deco designs have fallen in and out of fashion, making a resurgence in the 1960s and again today.

Types of Vintage Art Deco Ring

There are several types of vintage Art Deco ring, including glass, hammered metal, machined, and jewelled. Choosing the best type is often a matter of personal taste as each offers a unique look.

Vintage Glass Art Deco Ring

Vintage glass Art Deco rings became popular in the 1920s. These rings were made by blowing glass into various shapes and designs. Coloured glass was ground into powder and incorporated during the blowing process, giving the ring its unique colour. Popular vintage glass Art Deco ring shapes include plants, flowers, and insects featuring precious stones.

Vintage Hammered Metal Art Deco Ring

Vintage hammered metal Art Deco rings were first created by Swiss designer, Jean Dunand. These rings were primarily made of silver or gold, which were preferred because they were easy to work with. The rings were often designed in geometric shapes with superimposed zigzags, triangles, lines, and squares. Vintage hammered metal Art Deco rings are often lacquered in black and red.

Vintage Machined Art Deco Ring

Vintage machined Art Deco rings were first created by Jean Després. His jewellery had a manly aspect, which gained the interest of the liberated women of the jazz era. Vintage machined Art Deco rings were made of gold welded into various large geometric shapes.

Vintage Jewelled Art Deco Ring

The first Art Deco rings to use jewels, such as diamonds and rubies, were designed by Raymond Templier. These rings were similar to other types of rings, but they were made into geometric shapes with added flare. Onyx stones along with other dark minerals were often set against a platinum or white gold background.

Vintage Art Deco Engagement Ring

Vintage Art Deco engagement rings were especially popular during the 1920s and 1930s. They often featured a large square centre stone that was surrounded by smaller square or triangular stones. Although diamonds remained the preferred choice, smaller stones surrounding the centre included faux rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. These mixed gemstones were designed to accent the diamond. The rectangular shaped French, or baguette, cut was introduced for diamond and emerald rings during this time. Platinum was the metal of choice, although white gold and silver were also used.

Advantages of Vintage Art Deco Rings

Vintage Art Deco rings can appeal to a wide audience, with their bold designs and colours fitting the style and taste of many. They are meant to be noticed, so are ideal for anyone who loves being the centre of attention. They also give the wearer a creative look as they are both unique and unconventional.

Resizing a Vintage Art Deco Ring

When searching for the perfect vintage Art Deco ring, buyers should consider the ring size. The ring should fit the wearer properly. Loose rings are lost easily or can hook onto other objects and lead to damage. On the other hand, rings that are too small can become uncomfortable or disrupt the circulation. More intricate rings often require greater care when it comes to resizing.

Alternatively, wearers may choose to have a spacer added as opposed to resizing the ring. A spacer is a small piece of plastic or metal that attaches discreetly to the interior of the band and decreases the size without any permanent alterations.

Examining a Vintage Art Deco Ring

Before purchasing a vintage Art Deco ring, buyers should inspect the ring thoroughly for any signs of wear and tear. Buyers should first examine the jewels for any scratches or small chips. Vintage Art Deco rings that have been worn frequently may have endured minor nicks and scratches on the band. Often these flaws can be polished away. Deeper marks may require the ring to be recoated. However, there are some circumstances where filing or coating treatments are not possible. Although not necessarily detracting from the ring's beauty, signs of wear should be taken into account when considering the price.

Buyers should check the vintage Art Deco ring's setting. This is the most frequently compromised part of a ring. Prong settings, in particular, are prone to twisting, warping, or shifting. As a result, stones may become loose. Fixing the setting is often a minor repair and should not deter a person from considering the ring. The setting can usually be repositioned to provide a secure fit. In extreme cases, the setting may need to be replaced completely with thicker prongs or a more durable metal. It is important to take into account the difference in craftsmanship and metal durability of vintage rings when compared to modern rings. Buyers should also examine the ring for any missing jewels.

Buyers should make sure that the band's shape has not become warped or stretched. If it has, it will require reshaping. Platinum metal is less prone to warping, while softer gold warps more easily.

How to Buy a Vintage Art Deco Ring on eBay

Shopping for a vintage Art Deco ring on eBay offers the most unique items at some of the best prices. To navigate to eBay’s assortment of vintage Art Deco rings, buyers should begin their search on the eBay homepage. From here, buyers are free to input any key terms into the search box. Alternatively, buyers can choose to use eBay's advanced search feature. This allows buyers to narrow down results based on item condition or price. Buyers can also choose to limit their search to items offered by Top-rated sellers. Top-rated sellers are known for providing excellent customer service and continue to receive consistent positive feedback from their buyers.

Buy with Confidence

Before committing to any purchase, buyers should read an item's description within the listing thoroughly. The description should clearly communicate the condition of the vintage Art Deco ring along with the ring size and any other pertinent information. The seller should include details about accepted payment methods, postage and packaging costs, delivery times, and their returns policy. Buyers should also read the sellers feedback. If buyers have additional questions, they should contact the seller directly using the "Ask a question" link. Most sellers are happy to provide any additional information in order to have a positive transaction.


Vintage Art Deco rings are characterised by their unique style. When purchasing a vintage Art Deco ring, buyers should consider the ring's features. Vintage Art Deco rings are often found in an array of geometric shapes and may combine a mixture of stones and colours. Many vintage Art Deco rings are made of platinum, but some are made of gold, glass, and hammered metal, and can be machined or jewelled. Machined rings became increasingly popular with the growth in manufacturing, while jewelled Art Deco rings were appreciated for their beauty and often used as engagement rings. When searching for a vintage Art Deco ring, buyers must also take sizing into account. Any vintage rings should be examined for signs of wear and tear. While a few cosmetic issues may be easily repaired, buyers should take all compromising aspects into account when considering the price. With the wide array of vintage Art Deco rings on eBay, buyers can find the perfect ring to complement their style.

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