Vintage Barbour Wax Jackets & their Accessories.

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Guide to Vintage Barbour Waxes and their Accessories.


When I first started wearing Barbour waxes in the mid to late 90's there were 3 main styles of jackets.  The Border, Beaufort and Bedale, although there is Northumbria, Durham, Gamefair, Burghley, The Mark Philips & Solway Zipper.  I had a green Border when I was 16 and still have it, although its a bit of a wreck now.

Barbour have brought out new styles of jackets in new materials and colours in recent years, good for them.  The stereotypical Barbour is the green wax, just like the Queen wears. They are easilly bought today, they are still available to buy new but have been developed and changed as time has gone by, with added & developed features.

You can get 2 sorts of accessories for a wax jacket, basically a Lining to make them warm in winter and a Hood so you stay that bit more dry.


Types of Jacket.

Each jacket comes with all the standard features that include Medium weight cloth, Barbour tartan lining, heavy duty brass 2 way interactive zip, cord collar with poppers for an optional hood and flap for weather protection, hanging hook, internal poppers to fix an acrylic fleece warm pile lining, 2 main flapped bellow pockets with poppers, 2 side welted hand warmer mole skin pockets.


The Border - A200.  The longer length jacket, coming down between ones bottom and knee.  Plenty of room in your size, comes with all the standard features included above,  

Specific features include 2 internal poachers pockets that can be removed for washing, storm velcro cuffs and storm proof main zip for extra protection against the elements, mole skin zipped wallet pocket tailored into the zip, drip strip lining material to bottom of jacket.


The Beaufort - A150.   The medium length jacket, coming down to ones bottom.  Adequate room in your size, to wear a jumper and have a little bit extra.  Comes with the usual features included above,

Specific features include external zipped poachers pochet to rear - right across the back of the jacket, poppered storm cuffs, zipped mole skin wallet pocket tailored near main zip, raglan shoulder detail.


The Bedale - A100.   The shorter jacket that comes to about where ones belt comes too.  More of a tailored finish when wearing with extra layers.  Comes with the usual features included above,

Specific features include, raglan shoulders, gathered cuffs, Internal drip strip, 2 poppered gussets for extra manourverability.


The Gamefair - A123.  Very much like the Border, in length and features but the Gamefair doesnt have the wallet pocket, drip strip and only one poachers pocket, that is fixed and not removable.


The Solway Zipper.  A more unusual Barbour in Heavy weight cloth and medium length with the features detailed above but without the wand warmer welted pockets.  A hard wearing and functional jacket.

Specific features include, flapped and poppered breast pocket, belt with hoops, single fixed poachers pocket.


The Northumbria - A400.  Again, in heavy weight cloth and bordering on longer length.  Includes all the features above.

Specific features include very much the same as the Border but in heavy weight cloth, the zipped mole skin wallet pocket, removable internal poachers pocket, drip strip, storn cuffs collar and main zip and a pilled tartan lining.


The Durham - T80.  A magical jacket, in a class of its own.  Lightweight cloth, 2 way interactive brass zip, fixed hood with drawstring, drawstring to waist, 2 flapped below pockets, Barbour tartan lining.  The jacket is as short as the Bedale, no poppers to fix a hood (obviously) and no poppers for fix a lining.


Each jacket has a coding, Border is A200, Bedale A104 and Northumbria A400.  The codes refer to the type of jacket and also the colour.  A104 is green, A105 is blue etc.  The most usual colours are green and then blue.  You find brown/maroon colours and occasionally black, the rarest in these types of jackets.  The lining to each coloured jacket is representaional to the main jacket colour.




Firstly, the Hood.  The hood fix into place via 4 poppers onto the back of the collar of any wax jacket.  There is no size difference and the poppers line up to any jacket.  One one fits all.


Warm Pile Acrylic Fleece lining - there are 2 types of these.  The contrast between the Border and the Bedale wax jacket is more than 6 inches in length.  The linings have got to be different.  The poppers that the lining fits to in the jacket are spaced differently and wont marry up.  Youve got to get the lining right.  There are two codes for the two different sorts of lining.

A295 Acrylic Warm Lining  =  A200 Border

A297 Acrylic Warm Lining  =  A100 [Bedale] & A150 [Beaufort].


That is the majority of it but if you are unclear of any detail, Country Bumpkin Vintage is here to help.



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