Vintage Bedroom Furniture Buying Guide

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Vintage Bedroom Furniture Buying Guide

Vintage bedroom furniture has a lot of character and timeless appeal. Whether the furniture has a French or early American style, the unique pieces look great as replacements for traditional bedroom furniture, and repurposing furniture is also an environmentally friendly choice. Vintage furniture styles range from ornate Victorian styles to simple, rustic pieces handcrafted by furniture artisans in past centuries.


Find Attractively Aged Furniture

A big difference exists between furniture that has aged well with only subtle signs of wear and tear and furniture that has suffered extensive abuse and neglect. Buyers can expect to find scratches, faded patterns, and possibly stains, but they should avoid cracked, bent, or warped furniture that would take a lot of work to repair. Shopper should look for antique bedroom furniture that only exhibits light damage that is easy to repair.


Use a Little Elbow Grease

It is very, very rare to find vintage bedroom furniture in perfect condition. Most pieces have experienced significant use over the years, and they usually show it by looking worn, faded, and scratched. In most cases, a little bit of effort is all it takes to bring furniture back to life. An old vanity chair might look spectacular with a re-upholstered cushion, and a coat of fresh wood stain might completely revive a wooden bed frame. Something as simple as new handles refreshes the look of a dressing table at very little cost.


Consider the Material

Because vintage furniture has withstood the test of time, items in good condition probably include durable, high-quality materials. Wrought iron, in particular, is very sturdy and was a common material in furniture in past centuries. It lasts a long time and is easy to refurbish. Sanding off rust and adding fresh paint usually restores wrought iron furniture. Solid wood furniture is also durable and easy to restore as long as the wood does not have cracks or any warping. Excessive stains are sometimes a problem with wood, but painting the furniture eliminates this problem.


Look at the Support Systems

Chairs, beds, and sofas usually have springs under the cushions and mattresses. Over time, these stretch out and sag. In some cases, it is necessary to replace different parts of the support systems. It is possible to put new springs on furniture, but it is usually very labour intensive.

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