Vintage Children's Books

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Although Us and UK culture share a very strong bond, each nation has its own favourite Children's Books. By studying the auctions on both the US and UK websites you will discover two important facts. First, the buyers of both countries undervalue the books of the other. Secondly, fantastic bargains still turn up on a regularly. People either with no interest in researching what they are selling or through lack of knowledge ( even with al the media articles and television programs), put valuable and collectible books on Ebay expecting little for them, on a daily basis. If you apply yourself you can really find some bargains. If you want to sell them on for a profit or keep them is up to you.

Three words of advice, first, make sure you keep an eye on those postage charges. Secondly, make sure if you are not bidding in an auction of your own country that the seller is willing to post out of their country, before you bid. Lastly, please please please, do not be scared to ask questions. Any reputable seller on ebay will be only to willing to help you.

If you are interested in finding out more about the fascinating world of Children's Books, I have put a link to a free book on my "about me" page.
It will tell you what to look for, how to tell first editions, etc. You can read it on line from the link or save it to your computer to read later.

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