Vintage Mens Cape Buying Guide

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Vintage Men's Cape Buying Guide

Capes are a traditional form of outerwear designed to keep wearers warm and dry, and they can add a distinctive touch to a wardrobe. They are made as standalone items, though they can also be attached to a coat. Capes and cape coats made for men are produced from several materials, including wool, fleece, vinyl, and waxed cotton. Vintage can refer to a few types of items. Authentic vintage items have been produced in a previous decade. They are considered collectors items, and may sell for high prices. Reproductions and modern vintage capes are designed to appear older than they are, or may incorporate vintage styles.

Authentic vintage capes are available from thrift stores and vintage clothing stores, as well as online sellers. Reproductions and modern vintage items can be purchased from department stores, clothing stores, and online retailers that specialise in modern vintage clothing. Marketplaces like eBay are an easy way to shop for all types of vintage capes, used and new. Begin shopping for vintage capes to find functional and fashionable additions to any wardrobe.

Choosing Capes

Capes are produced in a broad variety of styles, colours, and materials, and items can be found to wear in almost any circumstance. It is useful to consider the differences between modern and vintage items, the availability of authentic vintage capes, and places to shop to find the best vintage capes for men.

Vintage vs. Modern

As with all vintage clothing, vintage capes can refer to two distinct types of items. The first includes items that have been manufactured in a previous decade. These capes may have been worn, or they might have been stored away for many years, but they have a history that can be traced back to an older manufacturer.

The other type of vintage cape has been produced recently, but is designed to look like a cape of the past. In this case, the term "vintage" is used in two different ways. It may refer to reproductions of specific authentic vintage items, or to original cape designs made to look as though they were produced in an earlier era. In some cases, modern vintage clothing may even be pre-faded or worn to appear much older than it is. 

It is important to keep these distinctions in mind while shopping, as they can greatly affect the price of a cape. In some cases, authentic items can sell for hundreds of pounds, while a reproduction or modern vintage item may only be worth 20 or 30. Collectors may also wish to consider an item’s authenticity for its history. Though this may not be important to all buyers, many found enjoyment in the past of an authentic vintage cape. The place it was manufactured, where it has been, and who has worn it can be exciting information in regards to vintage clothing, and for many collectors, the history of authentic vintage capes makes them more desirable than modern ones.


Capes are designed in a few different styles. Some are standalone items that cover only the wearer’s shoulders and upper torso, while others are attached to full jackets. Consider each type to find a suitable cape.


A traditional cape is designed to be draped over the wearer’s shoulders and cover the upper portion of the torso and arms. These items may clasp in the front, or they may be designed to slip over the wearer’s head as a single, circular piece of fabric.

Cape Coat

Capes that attach to a jacket are called cape coats. Some of these are stitched directly onto the coat, while others can be attached and removed through the use of buttons or clasps. Cape coats may cover the torso only, though most are designed as full length items like trench coats.


The materials used to create a cape affect its price, appearance, and functionality. Capes are commonly made from fleece, wool, nylon, and waxed cotton. The following table offers a brief description of each.




Fleece is an especially warm material, and can be quite comfortable to wear. It is durable if cared for properly, more lightweight than wool, and is relatively easy to wash.


Wool, though similar to fleece, is heavier and can provide warmth when it is wet. It is also naturally fire resistant, though wool can be difficult to clean.


Nylon is an inexpensive material that is waterproof and lightweight. Capes made from this material are typically designed as a rain cover for a coat or other clothing.

Waxed Cotton

Like Nylon, waxed cotton is ideal for rainy days. It is also lightweight, and is generally more durable than nylon.

Capes are made from several other materials besides those listed above, and may be treated to improve their durability, water resistance, or other qualities.

Shop Around for Vintage Capes

Vintage capes are sold from several types of sellers, including thrift stores, vintage clothing stores, and online retailers. Each of these options has its benefits, so it is useful to shop between multiple sources to find the best items and prices.

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are the least expensive shopping option for vintage capes. However, these stores often mix capes in with coats and other articles of clothing, so they require a higher time investment than other options. Searching through the racks of clothing is made even more difficult by the fact that vintage clothing stores regularly scour thrift shops for worthy items, which they then resell at a mark-up.

Vintage Clothing Stores

Vintage clothing stores are an easier way to find authentic vintage capes than thrift stores, as they have already chosen quality items to put on their racks. It is often possible to browse a full section of capes and cape coats at these stores. However, they charge more than thrift stores.

Department Stores

Modern vintage and reproduction capes can be purchased from department stores and other clothing stores. These retailers sell factory new items at prices that are often lower than those of vintage clothing stores.


Buying capes online allows buyers to shop from a large selection of items. It is also a good way to compare prices between sellers. Both modern and authentic vintage capes can be purchased from online retailers, and marketplaces like eBay are a useful option for finding rare items. However, this method makes it more difficult to determine the authenticity of vintage capes, as they cannot be inspected in person before buying.

How to Buy Vintage Capes on eBay

Men’s vintage capes are available from private and commercial sellers on eBay. To find these items, begin by typing "vintage cape" into the search field on the homepage. You will be presented with a list of search results, which can be refined by introducing new keywords. For example, to see listings for capes made with wool, add "wool" to the existing keywords. Alternately, you may use the category options on the screen to narrow listings to specific sections on eBay.

Click on the name of an item to see its full listing. There, you can find information about the condition a cape is in and view additional photos. Read the full description to determine if the cape is authentic vintage, reproduction, or modern vintage. Check the price, and be sure to include shipping charges into an estimate of the final cost. It is also useful to view the seller’s shipping methods and accepted forms of payment. If you have any questions about an item, contact the seller.

Buy from reputable eBay sellers to ensure a positive transaction. Users’ positive feedback ratings and number of completed transactions can be viewed from an item listing, and additional information can be found by clicking on the seller’s name. In the full profile, it is possible to see average ratings on a seller’s performance, as well as comments left by previous buyers. Leave feedback once you have received your cape to inform the eBay marketplace about your experience with a seller.


Capes are a popular item in vintage fashion, and items produced in previous decades are considered collectors items. Authentic vintage items have a history behind them and may be sold at high prices. They are available from thrift stores, vintage clothing stores, and online sellers. Reproductions and modern vintage items are made to appear older than they are, and can be purchased from department stores, clothing retailers, and online stores. Marketplaces like eBay have a mix of modern and authentic vintage capes available from private and commercial sellers, and are an excellent way to shop a large selection of capes.

Consider a cape’s materials, design, and price to find the best vintage capes. Wool and fleece are warm and durable, while nylon and waxed cotton are suitable for rainy days. Capes can be standalone items, or they may attach to jackets. Inspect items in person, and research sellers of authentic vintage capes whenever possible. Begin choosing vintage men’s capes to stay warm and dry while creating a distinctive look.


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