Vintage Spoiler Buying Guide

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Vintage Spoiler Buying Guide

Increasing fuel mileage by directing the airflow over and around a vehicle is only one reason to add a vintage spoiler to your car. Improved handling, especially on corners, by increasing the downward force at high speed is another reason. Making the vintage or classic car look more aggressive and stylish is a happy byproduct, but owners should learn about vintage spoilers before making a purchase.


How Spoilers Work

Spoilers can help a vehicle perform more efficiently depending on the type, style, and positioning of the spoiler. Wing shaped spoilers were originally added to race cars to increase stability and prevent the car from lifting off the road surface. Vehicle engineers then designed different types of car spoilers to change the airflow in street cars, looking to increase speed while reducing fuel consumption. Shoppers can find vintage spoilers for various vehicle makes and models including Nissan, Toyota, and Ford.


Spoiler Materials

The style and size is determined by the fabrication and materials used to construct the individual spoiler. Shoppers for vintage spoilers have several material choices.


Spoiler Material


ABS Plastic

A plastic mixed with other fillers

Inexpensive to manufacture and lightweight

Carbon Fibre

Polymer with carbon fibres for extra strength

Durable and lightweight

Used for custom production


Manufactured by filling fibreglass cloth with resin

Lightweight and durable


Easy to form and mould

Withstands high temperatures and is durable


When looking for vintage spoilers, shoppers should carefully consider the material as well as how well it has stood up to the test of time.


Locations for Spoilers

Spoilers can be located on several different areas of the vehicle for fuel efficiency and looks. A front spoiler attaches to the lower frame of the vehicle just below the nose of the car. A pedestal or boot spoiler goes on the rear of the car, directly on the boot. A lip or spoiler wing attaches on the lip of the vehicle. Roof spoilers go on the back of the vehicle's roof.


Universal Spoilers

You can also find universal spoilers from various companies in the vehicle accessory business. Designed and crafted to fit several different vehicles, you can often find them with paint that matches manufacturer specifications or without paint. As an accessory for a vintage vehicle, those manufactured before spoilers became standard, it may not be possible to find a pre-made spoiler. In that case, finding a shop that can create a custom spoiler or installing a universal spoiler may be the solution.


Installing Spoilers on Vintage Vehicles

If a spoiler was an option on the original make and model of vehicle, installing a spoiler should be relatively simple. If the vehicle was manufactured before spoilers were added to popular cars, it may require a custom manufacture and fitting by a professional. Because spoilers change the airflow over and under a car, some cars may not be good candidates for spoilers.

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