Vintage Wedding Decoration Buying Guide

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Vintage Wedding Decoration Buying Guide

Many choose vintage wedding decorations because of their unique ability to transport guests to times long since past. However, designing an event that successfully achieves the simple elegance associated with vintage themes proves challenging for some. It requires following particular colour palettes, selecting the right fabrics, and choosing appropriate accessories.


Colours from Another Time Period

Vintage wedding colours often include muted pinks and soft greens. However, an occasional bold colour as an accent does not completely ruin the look. In fact, when it comes to flower colours, some of the most vintage-looking arrangements include the bright blooms of wildflowers. After all, an important constant throughout most vintage palettes is simplicity and a lack of structure and formality. Having various hues of the same colours should still result in a unified, vintage theme. Although, colours should generally liken those found quietly growing in gardens or wildly out in meadows, and most pallets should also include white or ivory.


Vintage Style Textiles

Popular fabrics used to achieve a vintage look include burlap, lace, and delicate floral patterns. The use of burlap harkens back to periods in which many people repurposed sacks for decorations and clothing. Nowadays, brides use the textile as an accent, selecting it for table runners on white table linens and party favor bags holding pastel after dinner mints. Lace also accentuates vintage wedding decor. Little lace doilies under vases or in the centre of tables hint at a class and style reminiscent of gentile eras gone by. These additions can also complement the bride's gown, and therefore help tie the event's theme together. Delicate floral patterns achieve similar effects when used as tablecloths. Shoppers can find authentic vintage fabrics or look for small chintz design that convey a sense of sweetness and happiness, perfect for a beautiful outdoor celebration.


Vintage Wedding Accessories

When deciding on vintage wedding accessories, stick to items that feature painted flowers and calligraphy style writing. Choosing dining ware that mimics a pleasant tea party should work. If it does not, look for simple mason jars that might also serve as party favors for those attending. Mason jars also make great vintage-themed centrepieces when decorated with twine, pearl accents, and flowers. Although, truly unique arrangements could feature relics from the past like old clocks or books. Handheld fans with made of lace or floral paper also contribute to the atmosphere of a vintage wedding and may provide needed relief to overheated guests. For a welcoming display, place some of these in a large mason jar or hammered-aluminum basin for people to grab on their way into the festivities.

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