Vintage Wheatley Fly Boxes

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To sell a Vintage Wheatley Fly Box on ebay and to obtain the best price is simple if you follow my rules.

1) Make sure that you describe all the logos on the box. There maybe more than one and often the one used to date the box is on the end of the box. The normal logos are

a) the lozenge a diamond shape with RW inside
b) large Made in England with the lozenge upright between "in" and "England"
c) small Made in England smaller than the above with the lozenge on it's side
d)Wheatley Silmalloy Metal in three lines teamed with another logo on the end of the box
e) Wheatley Kilroy Patent Fly Box three lines and in a box often teamed with one or two other logos

2) Always give the size and list all three dimensions. The depth of the box is often important to the collector and could add considerably to your return. Some boxes are available in up to 4 different depths

3) Describe the condition carefully and don't forget to describe any faults.

4) Make sure that you have correctly counted the clips. These are the little hooks that hold the flies in place. Up to 20% of the boxes on ebay have the clips recorded incorrectly. The boxes with little windowed sections are call compartment or dry fly boxes.

If you are uncertain what you have try and visit the richard wheatley museum at where you will find details of a number of vintage fly boxes. Book mark the site if you sell fly boxes regularly and re visit as more information goes onto this site each week.
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