Vintage costume jewellery for the modern woman

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What does every woman want? To be noticed, yes. Admired, definitely,and of course to be envied. How do we achieve this on a night out or business meeting, wearing the same stuff every other woman in the room is wearing? Unless you want to go into a serious overdraft to fund an expensive designer outfit, handbag or shoes, the answer is simple,with fantastic, rare and unusual vintage accessories.

Vintage Costume jewellery isnt the cheap gaudy plastic trinkets available in Asda or top shop.

They are limited vintage designs, by Internationaly respected designers from the 1920s onwards -top of their fields. Made with the finest quality materials and currently being fought over in Europe with scenes that resemble an online catfight. Not only do these items look like the most expensive top end jewellery, because of the craftsmanship of the designers, such as Trifari,Christain Dior and Marcel Boucher-who was an apprentice with Cartier, but they actually increase in value as time goes on.

The items range from single brooches to full Grand Parures, and the designs are rich in detail and imagination from the full jewelled Moghul horses of Trifari to the fantasy animals of Hattie Carnegie.

These items were produced for a limited period and are now being snapped up, by collectors and investors. To have a look at some of my favourite designers and pieces visit this link.

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