Vintage expensive Rolex, Omega, Patek Phillippe watches

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Hi guys,
    i have recently purchased two vintage watches from seller Wandolec in Ukraine. From the pictures i thought i am buying just repaired watch of a smaller size, but to my surprise these are just redone massive size pocket watches converted into wristwatch. People are paying crazy money for these watches, and then when they receive this massive size timepiece they just feel to embarrassed to even give negative feedback. Its just so that whoever wants the nice proper vintage watch be very careful. If the guide helped you at least a bit please vote, thanks. 
here some comments from other forums about this seller:
Pocket watch conversions, some with none original parts, most re-cased, some with modern re-work to the hands dials and lume for ease of reading.

Some frown upon Wandolec for producing frankenwatches, hodgepodge, mixed up pieces, of cloudy origin. 

I on the other hand see them as affordable works of art, I read his website religiously each week and can reel off his inventory, I have, and will buy from him again.
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