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Finding real gems!!!

Vintage fashion has been bang on trend in recent year and eBay has been a great place to find real gems.  This being said, finding vintage items can at items be difficult. As the word vintage is often misused and used to incorrectly to describe a style of the item. This can mean that result are broad and irrelevant searches showed. 
It also best to narrow your search with the style and design of the item ie 'bootcut' or 'distressed' jeans. But at times it's easier to research the items you looking for and to search the brand. For example when looking for vintage jeans. Also include 'Levi' and/or 'wrangler' in the search. 
Also try searching the year the item was made or was trending to bring relevant searches. 
Using these tip may mean you will find items from not vintage stores, but people selling items that they don't know are vintage.
Dedicated vintage stores on eBay, are often a great place to find items.
It is important to note that vintage item are often pre-owned and used items, and general wear and tear are implied in the term vintage. Look at the items picture’s to see if there is anything unusually. 
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