Vinyl Cutting

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Vinyl Cutting
You will need a PC or MAC computer with special graphics CAM software.  On the computer you will create an 'outline' or 'cut contour path' this is then send down to a potter which can cut your outlines from screen to vinyl, there are many types of vinyl cutters around, the main difference in the width for bigger jobs and larger sign lettering you need it.  For small vehicle graphics you will only need a small plotter/cutter.  The other difference between plotters is the pressure (gf) - with thicker types of vinyl and materials you will need more pressure to cut out the graphics.

If you graphics are going on the inside of a window you will need to cut them in mirror image so the adhesive will be on the correct side when it comes to applying the graphics.  Good effects can be achieved with frost etch vinyl on glass surfaces.

Most graphics will require application tape after the weeding process, this is where any excess vinyl is removed like the center of the letter 'o' or 'd', 'p', 'e' 'b' 'R' 'a' 'q' - these letters will take extra care to position especially the dots and small bits, so application tape will hold it all together whilst you position the graphic/decals.  The application can be purchased in a variety of adhesive, low tack, med or high tack - depending on the size of the graphic - you can also get a clear application tape - useful on white vinyl - so it can be seen through prior to applying the cut vinyl.

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