Vinyl wall art, decals and sticker fitting

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Vinyl wall art or decals / wall stickers are a fantastic way to brighten up your home, bringing bare painted walls to life and adding a touch of class. Made from contour cut vinyl they give a painted on feel with perfect curves and straight lines, and can be used with great effect to create a personalised and individual look.

Wall art decals are normally supplied ready to install in a sheet made of three layers: Bottom layer - release paper backing, middle layer - contour cut vinyl and top layer - application tape. They are fitted by removing the bottom layer release paper, to expose the adhesive side of the vinyl, and positioning onto the wall. Then the graphic can be applied by smoothing flat, with slightly firm pressure, using either a vinyl squeegee or flat edge of a credit card. The application tape is then removed to reveal the fitted graphic.

We have a link to our instruction page on each listing in our Ebay Store which can be found here:  THE DOGHOUSE please feel free to have a look.

Here are a few tips for a perfect finish when installing wall art:

1.Make sure your wall is clean and free of dust / grease.

2.Always plan where you are going to install your wall stickers and make sure that it will look straight, and centred if needed. The best way of doing this is to place your decal(s) on the wall with small strips of masking tape, and mark the wall to the outside edges of each sheet, with either light pencil marks or small strips of tape. This gives you something to easily line up to when fitting. Use a spirit level /tape measure and stand back to check it all looks nice and straight.

3.When removing the paper backing sheet, always keep your graphic face downwards and on a flat surface.

4.When laying your graphic onto the wall, make sure that it lies as flat as possible, with large sections get someone to help you.

5.Work from the middle outwards when smoothing the vinyl onto the wall.

6.When removing the application tape, pull slowly from a top corner at a very shallow angle to the wall. If any of the vinyl hasn't stuck, place back in place and rub with your finger quite firmly.

Take your time, plan before placing on the wall and create stunning centrepiece!

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