Vivalapooch,Personalised dog collars

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I first used vivalapooch about a year ago when I had two dogs and they were small. Now I also have a rescue dog named Shylo and buy things for her aswell. I used to use my daughters account that she created just as college homework and never used but after finding I used the account all the time to buy products for my family and pets I have now created my own account.

In this time I have come across some real cowboys on ebay and jokers that lie about their products and sent completely useless items that don't resemble what was bidded on and if you dare complain or leave negative feedback they leave bad feedback for you. In my opinion the mark of a good seller is price,reputation,product,delivery time and more important the way they treat you after they get your cash.

Credit where it's due though this seller is 101% genuin and his products are first class. I have bought about seven or eight collars so far and they are made of good quality leather and beautiful rhinestone letters, price is reasonable and postage for second and subsequant items is free if you buy together. I did have occasion to contact the seller because of a faulty collar and this is where he shone above others and sorted it without any quibbles and excuses. It is always brilliant service,product and price and i recomend this seller to anyone

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