Vivienne Westwood handbags.How to spot a fake.

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There are many fake Westwood handbags for sale on ebay, here is a way of spotting them and avoiding paying a fortune for a fake! I have bought some good copies in the past but I have only paid a fraction of the original price and have been happy with my purchase. Firstly look for the word authentic or genuine in the listing, this means not a copy, anyone selling a fake under this title can be done for selling these goods. If Vivienne Westwood style is in the title they are telling you it is a copy, fair enough, bid accordingly. If it just says Westwood handbag look at the starting price, if it is listed as new and the starting price is 99p there is no way it is real! From my experience people who are selling used bags are usually selling the real thing as they can tell you where it was bought, if it was a gift then you will have to take the sellers word for it. Most Westwood handbags I have bought in her shops have been around the £300+ price tag the cheapest I have bought was a canvas one for £150 so that gives you an idea of prices. Another way of telling if it is a fake is to look at the gold or silver engraved plaque inside the bag, many sellers include a photo of this, on the fakes the W of the Westwood is not correctly written, hard to explain but if you see the two together you will see which is the fake.Some Westwood bags are being made in China for sale in her shops but these are her cheaper ones. All the others are made in Italy. If you are still not sure, look at the other things the seller is listing on ebay, if they are only selling similar handbags then the likelihood is that they are selling fakes. Also ask the seller direct if the bag they are selling is authentic/genuine, if they avoid answering the question or give a dubious answer, do not bid! Some fakes are amazingly good value just don't bid a fortune on them and you'll get a bargain,( don't tell Viv!) Happy bidding!

 Just an update, there are still fakes being sold on ebay. At the moment there are Ebury bags which are fakes, you can tell from the orb on the front of the bag. The small balls running around the middle of the orb should have the center one bigger than the rest. On the fakes they are all the same size. Also the saturn ring around the orb is more rounded on the fakes. Lastly the maltese cross on top of the orb isn't as well defined on the fakes. Look on a website that is selling Westwood clothes and bags and study the orb carefully, on some of the photos you can enlarge the picture so the orb fills the page, if possible print it out, then you can compare it to any bags you see on ebay. Once you know what to look for, it is quite easy to spot the fakes. 

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